Book Review – Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review – Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron Title: Broken Fences
Author: Kelly Gendron
Series: , #1
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: November 13, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Page Count: 146
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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It took her two years to land Colden "Saint" James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone.

Dusty Owens always had a certain kind of power over Colden. He'd been so close to falling for the girl before he'd left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden James must return to protect the one woman he could never forget. The woman he's always wanted but was too afraid to take. Trouble is, he's a changed man. And now, when Colden wants something, he's got no problem taking it.

When the "Saint" returns home, Dusty Owens and her wounded heart put up a real good fight. But deep down the strong-willed, mechanical bull riding, bar owner knows that she'll always be that girl in love with Colden "Saint" James. For when it comes to the southern drawl, tattooed, alpha male, Dusty finds herself submitting to his every command.

***Spoiler Alert***
Broken Fences is the first book in the TroubleMaker series by Kelly Gendron. It took me a day to read. Now, I am a fast reader so, if you are slower, then give yourself a couple of days. I found it cute, funny, and sexy! Dusty is a spunky lady and Colden “Saint” James is smokin hot. He even beats her record on the mechanical bull. Can you imagine? Yes, I wanted to be Dusty, while I was reading about that man on the mechanical bull.

Several situations in the book kept me laughing as I read the book. It starts with Dusty putting a pet pig in some guys truck because the pig was loose. Then Colden kidnaps Dusty and leaves town. Now, I know that it does not sound funny, however, handcuffs were involved and then a bed so that she would not leave. Does Colden remind anyone of a certain Fifty character? No, the book is not even in the same class as Fifty Shades, no BDSM, but Colden does dominate in the bedroom.

In the end, Dusty and Colden finally admit there long time feelings for each other and yes there is a HEA. I like books that have a HEA. I am not going to apologize about that. The TroubleMaker series is just what I need to relax after reading my assignments for school. Kelly has me swooning for more Colden and Dusty and although the next book features other characters, I hope that both make an appearance. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.


His large hand hit the edge of the bed, and he pushed himself into a standing position. With his chest rising and falling beneath his shirt, his eyes remained fixed on her. She lay naked on the bed, but it was Colden’s vulnerability that stood, unprotected, in the room.

Dusty eased herself to the edge of the bed with Colden silently watching. She got up on her feet.

His jaw flinched. “Damn, girl,” he said, taking another thorough inspection of her naked body. “You’re gorgeous.”

The compliment infused her confidence, and she took a step toward him.

“But you’d better not come any closer.”

“Why not?”

“Because, ever since you pranced that sweet little ass of yours into Odessa, I’ve wanted you, and the one night I took you up against old man McAllister’s fence…well, hell, that couldn’t even lick a fraction of what I need from you.”

“What you need from me?” She inched nearer, loving the sound of those words.

“Oh yeah.” He gazed down, touching her with his eyes. “There’s not one part of you that I don’t want…or need.”

She reached out and gathered the bottom of his shirt in her hands. “Good, because there’s not a part of me that I don’t want to give to you.” She pulled his shirt up over his head, then tossed it on the floor to join her pile of clothes.

Colden watched her shaky fingers as they fumbled with the button of his jeans. “I can’t make you any promises,” he quietly admitted.

Pulling down his zipper, her hand stilled. She looked up at his strict, beautiful face. “I’m not asking for any. I just want tonight.”

He grabbed her and pulled her against his warm, hard body, cradling her neck in his hand, a powerful taking that stole her breath away. He placed a finger on the underside of her chin and tilted her head until their eyes met. “Don’t misunderstand my meaning,” he said, his mouth cascading over hers. “I want more than just tonight, Dusty. I’m just not in any position to make any commitments right now.” This time, his lips didn’t brush hers. Instead, they covered her with heated need—aggressive, desirous, savoring need.

“Tonight, though,” his fingers tightened on her neck, “tonight you will be all mine,” he growled.