Book Review – Fierce by Nina Levine

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Book Review – Fierce by Nina Levine Title: Fierce
Author: Nina Levine
Series: , #2
Publisher by: Independent
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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She's everything he's never wanted. He's everything she's never known.Scott Cole is a force to be reckoned with. As Vice President of the Storm Motorcycle Club he carries out his duties with a ruthless determination. He moves through life with a clear agenda - protect his club and his family at all costs.
He is intense.He is loyal.He is fierce.He doesn't give his love easily, but when he does, he loves fiercely. Settling down, however, has never been part of his plan.Harlow James is a country girl who has never met a biker in her life. She is also done with men. In her experience all they ever do is lie, cheat or steal. When she meets Scott Cole she knows he is heartbreak on legs.He is confident.

He is sexy.

He is bossy.

She knows she must fight her growing attraction to this complex man in order to guard her heart. When his world crashes into hers and danger comes calling, Scott's fierce desire to protect kicks in and Harlow realises that she might just have found a man worth taking a risk on.

I loved J from book 1 and didn’t think anyone would be able to top him but boy was I wrong!! Scott Cole is VP of Storm MC and Madison, from Storm, brother. He tells it like it is and expects the same from others. He never thought he would be the kind to settle down and be a family man but that was before he met Harlow. He can’t stay away from her no matter how hard he tries.

Harlow James has been let down by men before and been left broken hearted so the last thing she ever expected was to be instantly drawn to Scott and be begging for more.

“Scott Cole was the kind of man that a woman like me threw their checklists out the window for.”

But Scott being with Harlow draws attention to Storms enemy. When they threaten Harlow and Scott finds them watching her on more than one occasion will he be able to keep her safe before its to late?

I loved Scott and Harlow together!! These two were off the chart HOTTT!! I loved seeing more on Madison and J as well. I can’t wait till their novella comes out to read more on them and see where they go. Nina has also said this will not be the last time we see more of Harlow and Scott either!! AHHH, this series ROCKS!! Go one click this now…you will NOT regret it!!

Book Excerpt

My eyes dropped to her chest. That top fit her tits like a glove; any man would struggle to keep their eyes off her chest.  I wasn’t a saint and had no problem showing my appreciation so it took me more than a few moments to look back up to her face. She was shaking her head at me but there was a hint of a smile.
I smirked. “Sweetheart, if you’re gonna wear shit like that you’ve gotta expect men to stare.”
“Turn around.”
She repeated herself. “I said, turn around.”
“Yeah, I got that but I’m wondering where you’re going with this.”
She walked over to me until she was in my personal space.  A sexy smile came over her face and she said, “I want you to turn around so that I can check out your ass cause baby, a woman’s got needs and if you’re gonna wear shit like that, her needs are gonna be fulfilled.”
I reached out and curled my hand around her neck, pulling her closer.  “Fuck woman, what are you doing to me?”
Her breathing became ragged. “The same thing you’re doing to me.”


About Nina Levine

Nina Levine is an Aussie writer who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.

WARNING: You will find hot, dirty sex, lots of swearing, occasional violent encounters and men and women who live fast and love hard.

Nina’s debut book Storm was released in November 2013. It is based around the Storm Motorcycle Club and is the first book in an MC series. The second book, Fierce, is due out in early 2014.