Book Review – Unforgettable by Shantel Tessier

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Book Review – Unforgettable by Shantel Tessier Title: Unforgettable
Author: Shantel Tessier
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: September 22, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eARC
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My name is Tate. And all my life I have kept secrets. The type of secrets that haunt your dreams at night. I wake up hating the world, and I go to sleep knowing that the memories of my past will visit me-reminding me that I once was weak and a coward. I'll never be that person again.

But there is one person who has made me think there may be more to life than hatred and revenge. Missy fills me with hope. But hope is what makes you weak, makes you think you can be better, and it's a lie.

A man like me deserves to be alone forever because one day, I will come face to face with my past, and I will destroy it. Even if that means destroying myself in the process.

But what I didn't know was that she has nightmares of her own-because of me. For the first time in my life, I want to save someone. But how can I save her when I can't even save myself?

Unforgettable is the fourth book in the Undescribable series by Shantel Tessier.  This is Tate and Missy’s story. The prologue starts when the gang is in Vegas, however the book continues after the third book in the series.  You do not have to read the first three books to get the gist of the book, however reading the first three books definitely helps with knowing the characters and what has happened already in the series. My suggestion is to read all of the books in the series.

As I stated, this is Tate and Missy’s story. You see some of their weird relationship in the previous books, but this book is on a whole new level. There were times that I just wanted to smack Tate upside his head because of the choices that he was making and how those choices were affecting Missy. Tate has lived a hard life. He believes that he is tainted and that he does not deserve Missy.  Tate is not tainted.  He is a good guy who needs someone like Missy who will love him unconditionally.

Missy is the exact opposite of Tate. Missy is sweet and innocent. She grew up with her parents and her brother and has lived a somewhat sheltered life. She has parents who support her and love her unconditionally.  Missy is everything that Tate needs, he just has a hard time realizing that he does deserve Missy and the love that she can give him.

Life happens to both characters. I had always wondered what happened to Missy when she pulled away from her friends in the previous books and it is explained in this book. It was a shocker to me but an even bigger shocker to Tate.  Her relationship with Parker’s brother is also explained as well. That was another shocker to me.  I was left feeling bad for the guy.

The title matches the book perfectly as Missy in completely unforgettable to Tate.  He tries to bring other women into his life, however it does not work.  He still dreams for her and hungers for her.

“That is why she’s here-that’s why any woman is in my bed-to help satisfy the hunger that I have for Missy.  None compare to her, though.”

Yes, it makes him sounds like a man whore. But he really isn’t one.

Now I do want you to know, that as much as I loved this book, I was definitely cussing Ms. Tessier when I got to the end of chapter 15. I was also bawling my eyes out, so you will definitely need a box of tissues.  What happens? Well, I am not going to say. You will have to read it to see. Don’t worry though, Ms. Tessier follows through and you will be happy with the ending. I know I was.





About Shantel Tessier

Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, and their three year old little princess. She considers herself extremely lucky to be a stay at home wife and mother. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends her time with family and friends.