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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway – Exposed by Brighton Walsh Title: Exposed
Author: Brighton Walsh
Publisher by: St. Martin's Press
Published on: July 21, 2015
Genres: Romance
Page Count: 288
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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In this sexy, suspenseful New Adult novel, a young woman hiding from her criminal past is taken captive by her ex-boyfriend, the ultimate bad boy.

Evie is about to embark on the perfect life. Beautiful, poised, and engaged to a rising business star, she fits the part of trophy wife perfectly, except for one thing: her entire identity is a lie.

Five years ago she created a new identity for herself, but it all crashes back when something she witnessed years ago comes back to haunt her. Now she's in danger of losing more than her social status.

Determined to protect the careful life she's built for herself, Evie doesn't want anything to do with Riley, the criminal for hire who broke her heart years ago. But Riley has other ideas. He's never forgotten Evie, and to protect her, he steals her away. Hidden from the world, sparks begin to fly as old memories resurface and their passion reignites.

When I read Captive earlier this year I fell for Ghost and Maddie’s story and we were also introduced to Riley, Ghost’s younger brother. There was something I instantly liked about his characters so I was excited to read his story. This was a different kind of story than Captive. This novel was darker, sexier, but still filled with the same perfect balance of action and romance.

Five years ago Evie walked away from everything she knew and everyone she loved in order to save her life. Ghost, Riley, and Evie, had all been a part of Max’s crew. Evie’s job was the one to gather information from Max’s enemies. When Evie found out too much, it left her in danger and she had no the choice but to disappear.

“I knew I couldn’t run forever, that at some point, someone would find me. I just didn’t know which bad guy I’d left behind would be the one breathing down my neck.”

Now, Twenty two year old Evie who’s now known as Genevieve is quite different from the girl she used to be. Gone is wild girl she used to be and now she’s sophisticated, polished, and engaged to an up and coming lawyer. She’s also been living in fear. When the past she’s tried to leave behind is comes back for her it brings Riley back into her life.

“I knew that voice. I recognized it as sure as I’d recognize my own face. Because it was a voice I’d heard in my dreams too many times to count. When my dreams were dreams and not the nightmares that so frequently plagued me, it was his face I saw. His voice I heard. His body I felt. It was him. It was always him.”

For the last five years Riley thought that Evie was dead and he was devastated when he lost her. Even though they were only teenagers the connection that had back then was intense. They were in tune with each other’s feelings and emotions and the bond they had been unshakable. Losing her crushed him and Riley he became even more involved the crew. Now finding out that she was not only alive but running for danger, Riley had so many questions but so few answers. Whatever the circumstances Riley wanted to protect her.

“If you’re gonna gamble, at least gamble with me. You know I’m not going to hurt you. You know you’re safe with me.”

The chemistry between Riley and Evie was absolutely scorching. With every look and touch between them you felt their spark. With Riley, Evie could be herself again. She still had the same smart mouth and intensity that she had before but in some ways she was even harder, tougher than she once was. Having the chance to be together again was everything that Riley could have wanted and I loved seeing the two of them together. When the truth behind her disappearance is revealed you also find out that there is a much more painful secret that Evie is hiding from.

“I looked up into her eyes, seeing the undeniable connection we had reflected back, and I wanted to stay like this forever. Because when she was here like this, I knew she was safe. And I would do anything to make sure she always was.”

I have to say Brighton Walsh had me wrapped up in this story.  I also liked the fact that Ms. Walsh made this book a bit darker than her previous novels. There was something about these two characters that just held my attention. Their connection, the intensity of their time together, and the action just all came together for a wonderful story. Even though Evie’s stubbornness irked me at times, I still enjoyed her personality and strength. Riley made my heart swoon! His words and actions with Evie were just *sigh* perfect. He was a nice balance of sweet, sexy, and alpha. I truly could not get enough of these two.

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About Brighton Walsh

Brighton Walsh spent nearly a decade as a professional photographer before deciding to take her storytelling in a different direction and reconnect with her first love: writing. When she’s not pounding away at the keyboard, she’s probably either reading or shopping—maybe even both at once. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children, and, yes, she considers forty degrees to be hoodie weather. Her home is the setting for frequent dance parties, Lego battles, and more laughter than she thought possible.
Her debut novel, Caged in Winter, will be released with Berkley/Penguin on November 4, 2014. She is represented by Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency.

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    I love so many different type of book heroes – it’s too hard to choose! But above all I want my hero to love his woman through everything and love her fiercely!

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    I love so many different types of book boyfriends and each different type are made AWESOME by the author! Thanks for the giveaway!