Drowning Is Inevitable by Shalanda Stanley

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Drowning Is Inevitable by Shalanda Stanley Title: Drowning Is Inevitable
Author: Shalanda Stanley
Publisher by: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Published on: September 8, 2015
Genres: Mature YA
Page Count: 288
Format: eBook, Hardcover
Book Rating:

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Olivia has spent her whole life struggling to escape her dead mother's shadow. But when her father can't even look at her because Olivia reminds him of her mother, and her grandmother mistakenly calls her “Lillian,” shaking a reputation she didn't ask for is next to impossible. Olivia is used to leaning on her best friend, Jamie; her handsome but hot-tempered boyfriend, Max; and their wild-child friend, Maggie, for the reality check that her small Louisiana town can't provide. But when a terrible fight between Jamie and his father turns deadly, all Olivia can think to do is grab her friends and run.

In a flash, Olivia, Jamie, Max, and Maggie become fugitives on the back roads of Louisiana. They're headed to New Orleans, where they hope to find a solution to an unfixable problem. But with their faces displayed on all the news stations, their journey becomes a harrowing game of hide-and-seek from the police—and so-called allies, who just might be the real enemy.

Shalanda Stanley's breathtaking debut novel explores the deep ties between legacy, loyalty, and love, even as it asks the question: How far would you go to save a friend?

“I didn’t always do the right thing; sometimes I channeled self-destruction.

Drowning Is Inevitable was such a fantastic novel. I’m so mad at myself for not reading it sooner. I went into this story blindly so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The story concept was so different and nothing played out how I anticipated it would. This story tore at my heart and easily kept me on edge. This story well written, it was engaging, and and Ms. Stanley made me care about each of these characters.

“…My life seemed almost perfect. It was perfect as long as I ignored a few blaring truths.  Like the fact that in my grandmother’s house, I pretended to be my mother, and my grandmother pretended she wasn’t crazy, and Jamie, sitting across the table from us, pretended everything in his life was normal.”

From the very beginning, this story easily captured my attention. This story wasn’t a romance but it was a love story. This was a beautiful depiction of friendship, loving someone, and sacrificing for them. I loved each character. Each character was unique, complex, and and had depth to them. The dynamic between Olivia, Jamie, Max, and Maggie, was truly amazing. The depth and the level of loyalty to one another was beautiful.

“I had dreams for us. They didn’t look like this.”

There is very little that I’m going to say about this book. From the synopsis you know that something terrible occurs. The story plays out through the days after an awful incident occurs. Throughout the novel the characters relied one another. They sacrificed for one another and god it broke my heart. There was so much love, pain, and emotion infused into this story. I cried more than once during this book. The characters went through so much. You can see the growth and change that happened from the begging to the end. Ms. Stanley wrote an amazing story. I would love to read more of her writing. I highly recommend this novel.

“If you come down, I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise.” A promise made on Fidelity Street. “I’ll take care of you.”

About Shalanda Stanley

Shalanda Stanley grew up in Louisiana and earned her BA in creative writing at Florida State University. She has an MEd in special education from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and a PhD from LSU in curriculum and instruction, with a focus in reading and literacy education. She’s an assistant professor at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where she also lives with her family.

She is represented by literary agent, Kate Mckean at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency.