Music Musings – Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy by Troye Sivan

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Blue neighbourhood

I absolutely love music. The songs, the lyrics, the melody, how it all makes me feel…sigh it brings me to my happy place. I rarely watch music videos though and I rarely if ever, turn on MTV, VH1, or BET. So it was a very rare and random occurrence that I happen to have my TV tuned into MTV Hits “Fresh Faces”. The very first video to pop up was Troye Sivan‘s “Wild”. I had not heard of him before then but now I’m following/stalking his YouTube channel. He’s really talented and seriously fun to watch. Plus it helps that he’s baby-faced cute too.

I was instantly in love with “Wild” because the melody immediately caught my attention. When I actually stopped what I was doing to pay attention to the video, my first reaction was, “OH $HIT this video is freaking awesome too“.

I admit I’m a bit obsessed with the songs and videos. I’ve watched the videos more times than I can count and I’ve strong-armed my friends into watching and listening (Sorry J and Y). The video concept reminds me so much of a romance novel. The story plays out over a three part video series and it centers around two childhood friends that happen to fall in love as they grow up. Yet, family disapproval, abuse, and fear help to keep them apart. Each video fits the song perfectly but it’s part 3, “Talk Me Down“, that truly did me in. It broke my heart. There are so many ways to interrupt that video and it’s ending, but either way it left me tearing up.

Check out the videos below and let me know what you think!!


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WILD (Blue Neighbourhood Part 1/3)

White noise in my mind
Won’t calm down
You’re all I think about

Running on the music
And night highs
But when the light’s out
It’s me and you now, now

FOOLS (Blue Neighbourhood Part 2/3)

I am tired of this place, I hope people change
I need time to replace what I gave away
And my hopes, they are high, I must keep them small
Though I try to resist I still want it all

TALK ME DOWN (Blue Neighbourhood Part 3/3)

I wanna sleep next to you
But that’s all I wanna do right now
And I wanna come home to you
But home is just a room full of my safest sounds
Cause you know that I can’t trust myself with my 3AM shadow
I’d rather fuel a fantasy than deal with this alone