Review: Given To You (The Killer Next Door Series) by Carlie Sexton

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Review: Given To You (The Killer Next Door Series) by Carlie Sexton


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To give is a virtue. But to give your very self, the ultimate bequest. Offered in love, it can be wondrous. Offered in desperation, it can be deadly.

In Book Two of this three-part epic, young and tempting Kate Simmons at last seemed to have reached a safe haven of happiness when she moved in with Neil, ambitious and persevering, both in his legal practice and his love life. Taking great care to protect his trophy and the surprise he had in mind for Kate, Neil hired security to accompany his soon-to-be fiancée on a scavenger hunt of a lifetime. As Book Three continues their saga, it is life itself that is in the balance when Kate becomes the hunted as the jilted Roger snatches his prey.

The obsessed minds of Neil and Roger now take aim squarely at each other — with a bare and exposed Kate directly in the crossfire. Knowing her very life will be the winner’s spoil, Kate stares agony in its ghastly face as it approaches for the death dance.

There is no time, no place, no safety in a war of fixation. A war in which the winner will be either the last one standing, or the last one to die.

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Mari’s Review

So Creepy stalker dude is back…hehe…I still count all the windows in my house. Thanks a bunch Carlie 😉 Roger has Kate and he is completely off his rocker. Poor Kate is trying to keep her wits about her but thankfully Jacob, Roger’s 6yo son, is there so that keeps things from getting bad quick. Roger, in his typical crazy fashion, thinks this is his happily ever after with Kate.  Luckily,before Kate has to do anything ewwy with Roger (yea I used the word ewwy like a toddler…lol) Neil manages to save the day. HERE HE COMES TO SAVE THE DAY…SUPER NEIL!!!LMAO. Only problem Roger gets away, not good my friends….not good at all.

The story goes on from there with Kate and Neil trying to move on with their lives and be as normal as they can while Roger is still out there. We know he isn’t going to give up on things so easily. Happily ever after is just in reach for Neil and Kate..they are almost there then Roger shows up. Yup, dude comes to piss on people’s Cheerios again. This guy needs a white padded room ASAP. Does Roger finally win this time? Does he get Kate? Or does Kate come out the winner?

This series has been one of the best romantic thrillers I have read in a long time.  I have enjoyed watching Kate and Neil develop an intense but real relationship despite the crap thrown their way.  My heart breaks for little Jacob. A part of me even feels a little bad for Roger when we find out what he endured as a child to make him creepy stalker dude.  Enough of my rambling…go read all 3 of these books if you have not already.



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About the Author

Carlie Sexton has had a passion for reading her entire life. She loves it so that she dedicated her life to educating children. As a teacher, she has had the profound pleasure of teaching children to read and explore their imaginations through a good book. Just recently she decided to write a story that had been on her mind. Now she has several that she wants to turn into additional books. Writing has become a passion that she dearly loves.

Carlie lives with her handsome husband in Southern California. They enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that California provides. They have two beautiful dogs, but no children.

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