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Laura has just signed up for a term at the exclusive school for submissives. But all is not as it seems. The sexy blonde is hiding the real reason she’s there. As the classes progress, Laura is forced to face some truths about her problems with sex along with her growing attraction to her mentor, the dark and distracting Mr Hunter.

Mr Hunter promises to whip her into shape as a sub but before long he is uncovering many of her deepest secrets and desires. But will he discover her biggest secret? And can Mr Hunter really help Laura overcome her issues with his rough methods?


Niall Hunter, a teacher at the exclusive Hollybourne School, knows there’s something unusual about his submissive student, Laura. And it’s not just her issues with sex…
While his desire for her wars with his duty, Hunter is determined to help her conquer her problems and find out every secret inside that head of hers. Will he be able to fix what is broken?

As their relationship heats up, Hunter realises he wants more than just a teacher/pupil relationship, but after being hurt in the past, can he trust the secretive woman? And does she feel more than just gratitude for him?

Content warning: Contains adult scenes.

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Kim’s Review

  • Niall (Isn’t he a Backstreet Boy or a New Kid or something? Ha! I’m old!) Nope, I’m going with Hunter- Teacher. Hot. Super-hot. Dominant.
  • Laura-Secretive. Submissive.  Likes having her ass beaten, in a good way.
  • Hollybourne School for Submissives-If I weren’t married, a school I’d kinda like to check out. *sigh*

Laura has sexual issues & can’t find her O (or even the o). Even by herself. (Poor thing!) She goes to a sub training school. She meets some subs (perfect sub & defiant sub). She gets a hot mentor, Hunter, who helps her find her O-crops & floggers are involved. (Yay!) There are some problems. (Communication is key, people!)  They fix the problems. (Toldja so.) Then they live happily ever after. (At least I hope so.)

I think I love JA Bailey. Ok, I really liked the story. It was hot. & sweet. & short. But I like that she’s human. & while someone should have caught it, she apparently really likes the name Lucy (hey, I like the name Lucy, too) since it was used a couple of times for different people. (Hopefully it was just in the copy we got.)  Now, I’ve done this on a review & felt so completely awful for it (although some people thought it was funny *cough*) that I didn’t want to review anymore. Now when an author does it? I was more than a little relieved. See? Not just me! Fuck yeah! Granted, I know not everyone will see it as a good thing, but we already know I’m a little odd.

I loved that this story was short (partially because lately I seem to have the attention span of a gnat).  At first I wasn’t sure because everything happens so quickly, although things are explained, but then there was a time lapse & I was like “Perfect! Now it’s like love in a month instead of a day!” or something like that. Sometimes a story is drawn out & I can’t finish the book because it’s overkill (there is such a thing as too much of a good thing), but this wasn’t like that. & I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

I give it 2 nips up. Oh wait, we don’t do that. Um, fine…we’ll go this way instead:

Cover art: 3.5-Pretty blond girl, but she doesn’t really do anything for me.

Plot/Characters: 4.5-I liked the story & I didn’t feel like punching anyone.

Writing/Pacing: 4.5-I already splained this.

Swoon Factor: 4-It’s very romantic to get fingered on the hood of a car, isn’t it?

Steam Factor: 5-Whew! Like I said, if I weren’t married…


Character Bios

Laura Matthews

Laura is a twenty-eight year old on a mission. She’s come to Hollybourne School to see what really goes on behind the doors of the luxurious mansion. She’s determined, intelligent and usually speaks her mind. With no family, she’s used to depending on herself, especially after a childhood of neglect. The blonde doesn’t think she’s into submission until she meets the dark and brooding Mr Hunter.

Niall Hunter

Niall is the owner of Hollybourne School. The luxurious mansion has been in the family for generations and he’s determined to keep it afloat as well as help women understand what they really want. He enjoys showing women what a true BDSM relationship can be like, especially after seeing how drastically it can go wrong. He’s loyal and strong but he’s been hurt in the past. Though he never normally has a hands-on relationship with his pupils, fate throws Laura into his lap and he soon finds that he wants to break all his rules to help Laura.


He pulled several lengths as Laura watched, seemingly oblivious to her presence. Her heavy legs remained rooted even as she tried to persuade herself to go. Just get out, Laura. Walk away and leave. Hunter paused at the end of the lane and stared at her, sending a shiver through her. Cheeks flaming, she dove under and swam furiously. She didn’t stop until breathless and exhausted. Unfortunately he was still there and she was still frustrated.

His dark gaze studied her as she swam over to the edge and gathered her breath. “Why did you do that?”

Blinking away the water, she scowled. “Do what, Sir?”

“Swim as if you were trying to escape something. Were you trying to escape me?”

Laura released a spluttered laugh. “Of course not.” His eyebrow twitched as if he didn’t believe her. Damn him. “You were doing the same,” she added.

He chuckled, the sound unexpectedly lifting her heart. “You might be right.”

They stared at each other. Surely he heard her pulse pounding? When he looked at her like that, she was sure he could see everything. Did he know the truth? Was that why he’d taken a disliking to her? Shit. She was such a fool for agreeing to this. No job was worth this.

Courage sapped by his dark eyes, she swam over to the steps. On her like a tiger, he swam quickly after her and she failed to prevent the surprised yelp as she grabbed on to the metal steps and his arms came around her, gripping the railings. She twisted around to find him looming over her, the water dripping from his hair onto her face. The haunted look no longer lingered in his gaze, instead hunger seeped into it and twisted her stomach.

“You are trying to swim away your frustration,” he stated.

Laura gaped up at him, her shaky fingers curling around the stair railings, just beneath his hands. His body pressed into hers, making the steps dig into her back.

“Are you frustrated, Laura?”

“Are you?” she threw back.

A wry smile quirked on his lips. “Yes. God help me, I am.”

His mouth came down upon hers, causing a gasp. She heard his muffled curse as his hands twined under her damp hair and his tongue pressed into her mouth. Powerless against the onslaught, she gripped stupidly at the railings as her body responded to his touch.

Arching into him, she kissed him back. Even as she fought it, her body craved him.

About The Author

J.A. lives and works in England and has been writing for many years now. She loves to create stories with a distinctly British feel and all her stories involve strong, virile men, intelligent women and the raunchiest scenarios possible. You can find J.A. on Facebook at



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5 responses to “Review: Hunting Laura by J.A Bailey

  1. Thanks so much for the awesome and fun review. Urgh… as for Lucy, Ok I’m a bit obsessed with the name. A lot of my characters are called that until I can figure out a name for them and some slipped through. But they have been sorted! Thanks for having me x

    • Kim

      Yay! I’m glad it’s been sorted. When I first saw it, I had to go back, thinking I missed someone. When I realized what it was, I giggled & did a mental high five. Thank you for giving us such a great book to review! 🙂