Review: Savannah Series Box Set by Danielle Jamie

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Review: Savannah Series Box Set by Danielle Jamie

Review: Savannah Series Box Set by Danielle Jamie Title: Savannah Series: Box Set
Author: Danielle Jamie
Published on: February 8, 2014
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Complete Box Set of the Savannah Series with Bonus scenes & Kayden's POVs from Southern Desire!

After suffering a humiliating heartbreak Savannah Livingston gave up on love, in a bid to protect her fragile heart and rebuild her now shattered life.
Her Desires are awakened when she encounters the sexy and intriguing Kayden Knox who flips her world on its axis. They forge an irresistible connection, entangled with sensual pleasures and an inferno of passion.

Kayden Knox has found the woman of his dreams. After enduring a life full of loss and heartbreak, he finally has found his soul mate and the one woman who can reawaken his heart and make him love again. But not everyone is happy for the new couple; throwing obstacles in their path and testing the strength of their newfound relationship.

When they think they’ve jumped over every hurdle that’s come their way, an inescapable tragedy strikes unexpectedly rocking Savannah and Kayden to their very core. After going through a terrifying ordeal, Savannah has to rebuild her life with the help of her supportive friends, family, and most of all Kayden. In order to build a new, indestructible future with Savannah, Kayden first had to face the demons of his past; exposing the secrets he keeps close.

Their journey is full of trials and tribulations as Kayden and Savannah fight to overcome incredible odds, obstacles, and frightening ordeals but in the end they find an infinite love like no other.

Since our reviewer has read the entire series…you will be getting a review of each book individually and then series as a whole 🙂

Irresistible Desire Review

Savannah Livingston is the gorgeous daughter of a rich and famous country duo. Her life has been every girls dream, or at least it would appear that way to the outside world. She has always had whatever her heart desires. Her boyfriend, Logan, of 4 years is seemingly perfect. She has the job of her dreams, amazing best friends, Reagan and Brooklyn, and her beauty surpasses most women’s. What could go wrong in Savannah’s perfect life? What will happen when her perfect boyfriend turns out to be the biggest man whore in California?

Kayden Knox is the World’s Most Influential Man, has the body of a Greek God, and has a pretty strong history of no strings attached sex. He is the man every single and most married woman wants to wake up in bed beside. When Savannah meets Kayden at an interview with her magazine she can’t catch her breath. What will happen when things happen and Savannah finds herself single and in Texas on Kayden’s home turf?

This is a great start to the series. Kayden Knox, wow, are there really any words for a Hotter than fire, southern man? Yeah, Irresistible! I am itching to start turning the pages of book two, Inescapable Desire. I am looking forward to reading more about Savannah and Kayden!

Inescapable Desire Review

This novel continues on with the passionate love affair between Savannah Livingston and Kayden Knox. Savannah has decided to move to Texas to get away from her high profile life in LA. As her relationship with Logan went south her life in LA become more than she could take. She is constantly harassed by the paparazzi and Logan is constantly hounding her. What will Kayden take the news of her moving the Texas where he lives? What will happen when Logan shows up in Texas trying to win her back?

If I thought Kayden was mind blowing in Irresistible Desire, he is out of this world in Inescapable Desire. Kayden is so romantic, he makes your heart sore and your panties disintegrate. He really does know who to rock a woman’s world, wow, is all I will say about that. He is at the top of his game, but will it be enough to keep Savannah happy? When the unthinkable happens how will Kayden deal with the possibility of losing her forever?

I am really enjoying this series. Kayden Knox is quickly climbing my list of best book boyfriends. He is amazing, sweet, thoughtful, and a southern gentleman. The plot line is definitely keeping me on my toes. I did not see that ending coming at all. I can’t wait to dive into book three Indestructible Desire. What will happen next between Kayden, Savannah and their list of friends?  The secondary characters are just as fun to read about. Brooklyn is a hoot, and I can’t wait to see who she finally decides to get her hooks into.

Indestructible Desire Review

Indestructible Desire starts off where Inescapable Desire leaves us hanging on the edge. Savannah Livingston believes she has it all. She has survive the unthinkable, managed to have Texas’s most eligible bachelor fall in love with her, and has the best friends on the planet. She is beautiful, feisty, and strong. Kayden Knox, well what can I say about him. He is sexy, romantic, and puts new meaning to the saying everything is bigger in Texas! He has a heart of gold, but will Savannah believe his man whoring days is behind him? What will happen when Kayden decides his world won’t be complete unless he makes Savannah his wife?

I am in love with this series. I have read all the books so far back to back and I am so hooked. Kayden has reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. He is a southern gentleman with a dominant side. I absolutely love the dirty talk that comes out of his mouth. The sex is off the charts, wow, talking about needing a lot of cold showers! Danielle Jamie has given me a new book boyfriend that is quickly climbing his way into my top 5. The writing is great, the plot line has kept me coming back for more, and the romance makes me swoon. Amazing!! I am looking forward to reading book 4, Infinite Desire!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a HOT, Sexy, Southern Alpha Male who knows how to treat a lady.

Infinite Desire Review

Infinite Desire is the final full length novel in the Savannah Series. It picks up exactly where Indestructible Desire leaves us hanging. Savannah Livingston and Kayden Knox take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride of two people learning to trust the love they share. Savannah and her best friend Brooklyn will shock you with their strength and determination to fight for the love of their Texas boy toys.  What will happen when the love between Savannah and Kayden is tested in a way that could break them for good? What will happen when Kayden has to come face to face with the man that almost took Savannah’s life?

This book is smoking! The sex is kindle melting and panty dropping good. Kayden will make you want to bow at his feet. He really is a true southern man. I mean come on, who doesn’t like a man like that. He really does treat Savannah like a queen. This series will definitely go on my list of books to be reread. I love it when a book gives you a strong female lead and an even stronger man to stand beside her.  The author gives us both Kayden and Savannah’s POV in this one. I love reading what each leading character is thinking, it really adds to the emotions the book pulls from you. The secondary characters; Brooklyn, Dixon, Jax, Rebecca, Mya and Braxton make up a wonderful supporting cast. They will make you laugh, cry, and never want to say goodbye.

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves a true southern gentleman who isn’t scared to get down and dirty and protect what belongs to him. If you like a HOT, rich, sexy, Alpha male, this series is for you.

Southern Desire Review

Oh my Gawd!!! I absolutely love Kayden Knox. He is definitely going into my list of Top Book Boyfriends. We got some of the scenes in his POV throughout the series but Southern Desire gives us his POV for the more important scenes. I loved being able to read what Kayden thought when he walked into that interview room at Envy and laid eyes on Savannah for the first time. What made this multi-billionaire southern playboy decide he was ready to settle down? What was he thinking when he decided to make Savannah his wife? Read Southern Desire and you shall find out the answers to these questions!

Let me just say I Love, Love, LOVE Kayden Knox, I haven’t said that yet right! The sex through his eyes will make your pulse quicken and your panties dampen! Yeah, he has money but he truly is a country boy at heart and he doesn’t let all that money go to his gorgeous head. There is one scene in here (of many to be honest) that will make you want to drool…..let’s just say Kayden and his anaconda in a G-string equals one happy happy reader!

I also got really excited about the author pulling other major scenes from the series that had more to do with the friends and not Kayden and Savannah and giving us some of the secondary characters POV’s as well. It was awesome being able to read about Brooklyn and her famous Vegas moment and reading about how Rebecca felt waking up from her wild night with a certain Aussie.

I look forward to reading more from Danielle Jamie in the future. She is definitely an author that everyone should be reading! If you are looking for a Hotter than hot southern alpha with a kinky side then Southern Desire and Kayden Knox is for you. Please read The Savannah Series in order before you read Southern Desire if you don’t want spoilers!

Savannah Series Review

This series follows the steamy love affair between Savannah Livingston and billionaire southern playboy Kayden Knox. Savannah is the daughter of a country music duo and has always got what she wanted out of life. She is strong, beautiful, and has a tender heart. Kayden Knox is a billionaire from Texas. He is sexy, dominant, and has a heart of a southern gentleman. What will happen when Savannah and Kayden embark on an emotional journey of love and loss? Will they both be able to get over their past hurts and have the faith to try their hands at love?

I love this series. I found myself flipping the pages late into the night because I didn’t want to put my kindle down. I wanted to see where this story would lead me. The sex is off the charts. You get soft and slow, quick and sweaty, and even some kinky mixed in. Kayden will make you swoon with his romantic ways and he will get you all hot and bothered with his dirty mouth.

This story stars a strong leading cast and a hilarious and strong secondary line up of friends that will make you wish you were living in the moment with them. They are down to earth and look out for one another. I also loved how the author used famous people to enhance your reading experience. It helps make the story have a real life feel to it.

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves a hot, southern alpha male who puts new meaning to the saying “things are bigger” in Texas. This series will definitely go on my list of books to reread and to my favorite’s shelf!

Book Excerpt

“I think a good way to kick off this evening would be for you to dance with me,” We walk hand in hand towards the stairs and head to the dance floor. I will take any excuse to have her body pressed against mine.

We maneuver through the crowd of people until we make it to the dance floor and as soon as we do, I pull her against me. I slide one hand under her hair gripping her neck and resting my other hand at the small of her back. It takes all I have to not take her ass into my hand.

Savannah runs her hand along my chest, instantly making my body tighten beneath her touch. I get lost momentarily as I stare down into her smoky eyes and slide my gaze over her kiss me plump pink lips. She has to be the most gorgeous woman to ever grace this earth. Tonight has definitely taken a turn for the better. The moment my eyes fell on her dancing on my bar, I knew tonight would be ending with her in my bed.

“I don’t know what it is about you Kayden Knox, but you’ve got me under a spell. I never behave like this. It’s like I’m being drawn to you and I can’t turn away no matter how hard I try.”

“Well that’s good to know, because the feelings are definitely mutual. You drive me crazy. In just the last few hours I’ve thought of a million different ways to make you come,” Before I can even register what’s happening Savannah is lunging at my mouth crushing her lips against mine. Lifting her off of the ground and kiss her back with just as much passion, loving the feeling of her hair tangled in my fingers.

I can’t wait any longer. Still holding her against me, I make my way towards my office in the back of the club. Opening the door, I step inside quickly kicking the door shut and locking it.

Pulling my lips away from hers, I stare down at her. She’s gasping for air, and all flustered. Reaching down I rip her panties off. Needing her naked immediately. Within seconds Savannah is lunging back on me, gripping my shirt in her hands pulling my mouth back against hers. I love the sounds she’s making into my mouth as my tongue caresses hers.

Walking with her as our mouths are still connected, we make our way over to my couch. Mustering the last ounce of will power I have left. I pull my mouth away from hers. I love seeing the affect I have on her. Her entire body is screaming at me to fuck her. She plops down onto the couch and I kneel down between her thighs.

“All I’ve wanted is to taste you since the moment we met,” I say, working my body between her legs as I kiss a path down her neck. “Let’s get this dress off of you; I need to see you…all of you,” Wasting no time, I quickly unzip her dress, pulling it over her head and tossing it onto the floor.

Seeing her lying on my leather sofa naked and ready for me, I already know there’s no getting over this one. Savannah Livingston is going to ruin me for every other woman on the god damn planet.

About Danielle Jamie

Danielle Jamie is the Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance for her Savannah Series. She has loved writing since she was a child, and would spend all her free time reading and writing short stories. As she grew older her passion for writing only became stronger. She assumed writing would only always be just a hobby, until one day she learned about self-publishing. She took a risk, wrote her first novel Irresistible Desire and published it. Now one year and five novels later she’s a full time writer and traveling around the U.S. meeting fans all while living her dream as a full time author.