Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

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What we would ask a Book Genie for!


Cezanne’s Wishes

1. Dear Book Genie – Can you please let me meet Paulina Simmons just once!??? Oh and Ann M. Martin (The Baby Sitter’s Club author)

2. Dear Book Genie – can you help me read faster? There is no way in hell am I ever going to finish my TBR list in this lifetime

3. Dear Book Genie – Please, can you get Tillie Cole and TM Frazier to write a book together? I mean that would be a delicious book of dark awesomeness

4. Dear Book Genie – can I please have a library that is the size of Beast’s and Belle’s library?!

5. Dear Book Genie – Can I you help me buy my own bookstore? I would love to have one and stock it with fabulous books and yummy treats.

Juliana’s Wishes

6. Dear Genie: Can you find an author to write to me a Puerto Rican cowboy who likes big girls so my fantasy can finally come true??

7. Dear Genie: Can you please explain to my family that when I say “I’m Reading”, that it doesn’t mean keep talking.

8. Dear Genie: Please have people stop starting book blogs simply because they think it will be “cool” to get free books without truly understanding the joy that comes from reading.

9. Dear Genie: Please send someone to come help my son do his homework so that I spend more time to catch up on the insane amount of reviews I yet to write.

10. Dear Genie: Please send someone to build me built in bookcases….cause they are AWESOME!

What would you as the Book Genie for? Tell in the comments below 🙂

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