Apollycon 2017 Author Spotlight, Q & A, and Giveaway – Jay Crownover

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Apollycon 2017 Author Spotlight, Q & A, and Giveaway - Jay Crownover

We are so damned excited to be a part of the Apollycon Spotlight Tour , and we get to spotlight one of our favorite authors….Jay Crownover. Jay is the author of  many sexy, sweet, tattooed, bad boys, a military man, and all around awesome heroes and heroines. Check out her quick Q&A and don’t forget to enter the Apollycon giveaway below. 

Thing you’re most excited about for Apollycon 2017:

All my favorite book people in one place! Also I told Cora I would go to Harry Potter World with her…I hear they have something called Butter Beer…but I’m guessing that’s not boozy

Last trip you took:
I spent a month in Europe with my mom. I got to meet most of my international publishers and had 4 signings in 4 different countries. It was amazing. All over the world my readers are the best J

Favorite quote:
If you want to be remembered after you die, either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing- Ben Franklin I have it tattooed on the inside of my arm

Last person you hugged:
My dog Duce…not a person but he’s usually the last thing I had my arms around.

Favorite place in the world:
I really am a homebody…so my house in Colorado…but Cora’s house on the lake in Austin is a close second and New Orleans is a close third. I mean I haven’t seen as much of the world as I would like so my favorite spot might still be out there waiting to be found.

Last thing that made you laugh:
A woman asked me if my hair was part of a Halloween costume in the grocery store today…she asked me if I was planning on being Frenchie from Grease…it made me laugh and laugh…and also if I WAS getting dressed up for Halloween Frenchie would be perfect for me 😉

We both love Jay but J is BIG Jay Crownover fan…below are her THREE TOP READS –


Sexy Military Man
Check out J’s Rome review: http://www.bcsreviews.com/rome/

Rowdy Cover

Check Out J’s Rowdy review: http://www.bcsreviews.com/rowdy/

AsaPB Cover

Check out J’s Asa Review: http://www.bcsreviews.com/asa/



– Goes live October 10th, ends Feb 1st, 2017.

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About Jay Crownover

New York Times & USA Today best selling author of the Marked Men, The Point & Saints of Denver. I’m a book lover, tattooed lady, music snob, redheaded Coloradan

2 responses to “Apollycon 2017 Author Spotlight, Q & A, and Giveaway – Jay Crownover

  1. Jay is one of my favorite authors! I got to meet her at NOLA StoryCon, but she was so friendly and nice that I can’t wait to get to talk to her again. And like her, I’m hoping to get to go to the Harry Potter park and drink some butter beer!

  2. Victoria

    I loooove Jay’s work! Her Marked Men series is one my favorites 😀