Audio Book Review — Waiting For Wyatt by SD Hendrickson

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Audio Book Review — Waiting For Wyatt by SD Hendrickson Title: Waiting For Wyatt
Author: S.D. Hendrickson
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 12, 2016
Genres: New Adult Romance
Page Count: 363
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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"The dogs that deserved a chance, the guy who needed a second, and the girl determined to save him."

My name is Emma Sawyer.

I met Charlie and Wyatt on the same sultry, summer day. It was unexpected, leaving a feeling in the pit of my stomach like the time I drove too fast over Beckett Hill. The moment happened out of nowhere, all fast and quick and a little strange. Or maybe that was just Wyatt's personality.

It was Charlie that brought us together. Little Charlie with those ridiculous ears. I found the dog, waiting in a pool of his own blood. Waiting for someone. Waiting for me.

Now Wyatt, he wasn't waiting for anyone. At least that's what he said, except I saw something different in the broken guy all alone out in the woods. I knew he needed me before he knew it himself.

Wyatt with his hidden dimples. Wyatt with his warnings to stay away. He was a hard lump of coal, ready to burn everything around him. The more he burned, the more it pulled me into the pain I saw etched on his troubled face.

I wanted to help Wyatt. I wanted to save him like he had saved all the Charlies in the world. He told me not to fall for him, but I did anyway. I fell hard and fast and deeply in love with Wyatt Caulfield.

But that was before I knew his secret.

Author Note: Waiting for Wyatt is the love story of Wyatt Caulfield and Emma Sawyer, which also features rescue animals. It's a 112,000 word standalone, Contemporary Romance / New Adult Novel.

And when posting reviews, please try to preserve the mystery of Wyatt's secret for other readers so they can have the experience of finding out along the way. Thanks.

I have total author crush on SD Hendrickson. Know this 🙂

I absolutely loved her book The Mason List and Waiting For Wyatt was no exception. Emma and Wyatt are a couple that I was rooting for from the beginning though Emma did have some growing up to do. Wyatt is sexy as sin and stole my heart with his broody heart of gold. Emma needed to grow up some but I still loved her kind heart and sweetness. I was happy with how their story played out and that Stacey held to Featured Image_Waiting For Wyatther way of writing. Plus throw in some dogs for my dog lovin’ heart and I was sold.

Her storylines are always authentic and genuine with a farfetched romance twist. The story did drag some but I understood what she was trying to do so I pushed through and was not disappointed. Another great read from SD Hendrickson.

Check out the full audio review below and listen to me try to share my love and sound like an educated 32-year-old all at the same time. Lol. Yeah I am working on it.

About S.D. Hendrickson

SD Hendrickson received a Bachelors of Science in Journalism from Oklahoma State University. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and two schnauzers. Currently, her days are spent teaching computer software to oil and gas companies as well as writing technical instructional manuals. The Mason List is her first novel and it was started during National Novel Writing Month. For more information visit