Book Review – In The End by Erika Ashby

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Book Review – In The End by Erika Ashby Title: In The End
Author: Erika Ashby
Series: , #3
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 15, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Page Count: 81
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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*This is a novella from Jake's POV. Even though it's a prequel to Moving Forward, it still needs to be read last.

Jake Reynolds’ life had always been perfectly mapped out for him as he was growing up. The only time he ever felt like he had any control over it was when he was inside the cage—the same cage that held no for sure outcome. In his twisted mind being inside that ring with his opponent was the most freeing feeling. In that moment alone he was able to let his perfected guard down and be who he wanted to be.

From the outside looking in, everything about Jake’s life looked perfect, but he knew that he wasn’t. His whole life had been set up for him before he was even born, and even though it’s not the life he wanted, he continued living it.

When you have everything you could ever want at your fingertips, why screw it up?

That was his mindset until the night Jesika showed up at his fight. He knew she was different from the get-go. He also knew he didn’t deserve her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to try. Jake had skills inside and out of the cage and he was known to always get what he wanted no matter the risk. But was he willing to change who he had always been in order to keep the one that he thought was worth the fight? Will it all be worth it in the end?

So we are trying out something new this time. Since Mari and myself have a complete fan girl crush on Erika Ashby, we thought it would be cool to do a joint review of In The End. Prepare yourself guys….mine and Mari’s conversations are “interesting” at best….haha 🙂

In The End is Jake’s story. Jake is Jesika’s dead ex-husband and Jaxon’s father. Now if you have gotten this far then you have mostly likely read Moving Forward and No Going Back. If you have not then stop right here and go read them cause there will be some spoilers below.

There is no happy ending in the book. You learned in Moving Forward that Jake died in car accident and with him went a shitload of secrets that come out in Moving Forward. Now you need to read Mofo and NGB to truly understand the clusterfuck that is Jesika, Derek, Seth and Mallory. There is a whole lot of crap that happens in those two books and Jake’s book is the final, much needed, puzzle piece to complete the story.


Julie: So bitch….what did you think of Jake? Were you looking forward to him as much I was?

Mari: Hell Yeah! I needed to know why he did all that fucked shit up to Jesika.

Julie: I know what you mean. He turned out to be kinda sweet though. He really did love Jesika in his own twisted sort of way.

“I love you Jesika and I’ve never loved anything in my life. You are the exception”

Mari: Yeah…he really kinda was *sigh* I thought I was gonna hate him when everything starting coming to light but I kinda got where he was coming from. Talk about having some fucked up parents.

Julie: He was H.O.T…HOT too 😉 I guess since I knew he was gonna hurt Jesika it didn’t process in my mind that he would be sexy.

Mari:   Jake Reynolds, Rich boy, MMA fighter, possessive and cocky.  I mean that right there is book boyfriend material.

“I’m not your typical flowers and romance kind of guy.  Fuck that shit”

“The fact that I want to know anything about her other than her cup size has me on edge”

Mari: That’s Jake for you… yet you still like him. Why? I don’t know but you do.

Julie: He really was and I loved every minute of it. I still can’t belive he slept with crack whore Victoria and got her pregnant. WTF?!?

Mari: Seriously, don’t get me started on that bitch. I mean of all the people for him to cheat of Jesika with…why her? Oh well I guess everything happens for a reason cause if he had not slept with slutbag then there might have never been a Jesika and Derek. Ohhh Derek *long sigh*

Julie: I hear ya sister…haha. How do you go wrong with sexy firefighter/drummer/single dad? Not possible and one of the many reasons we love Erika 🙂 I really enjoyed how she told Jake’s story through a letter he wrote to Jesika.

Mari: So did I. It really let you see where he was coming from as everything was happening. It was kinda bittersweet that he ends up dying in the end (haha…u like that right there).  By the time the book was coming to end I was looking forward to him redeeming himself. Plus, it’s sad he will never get to know Seth or Derek.

Julie: Again…I feel you but then we may not have Jesika and Derek. I need my Jesika and Derek. I think he deserved to have real family though. He got screwed in the parent pool and that was fucked up.


Well guys….there is look into a conversation between me and Mari. I think we did pretty good….there is usually way more cursing/yelling 😉 If you have not read this series you need too. Erika Ashby really has wonderful way of writing. She is honest, fun and write some hot scenes. This book does not have any steamy scenes in it but that was understandable since it just a novella with snippets from Jake’s POV as Jesika reads the letter he left for her 3 or so years after his death.

Now this book,technically, ends this part of the series. Erika’s next book, Save Me From Me, is about Holden Reynolds. Holden is Jake’s cousin and Jesika’s old best friend. Jake and Holden have a falling out when he starts dating Jesika so he picks up and enlists in the Navy. Mari and I are so excited to see where she goes with Holden. It will be very interesting since he popped in-n-out of the other books but we haven’t gotten a real feel for him yet.

Enjoy our last heart melting Jake quote then go pick up your copy 🙂

God, I don’t want to die, I pray, but not for me. I’ve been selfish for far too long and if anyone is going to live I pray it be my wife…the love of my life and mother of my son. “Please, God. I know I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, but please whatever happens let her live. Let her live a happy life and find love again. My son can’t lose us both and I know out of the two of us, I don’t deserve to survive. And when the time is right, please let the truth find its way to her. Please God, just make sure she knows that I have always loved her and never meant to hurt her. Please.” I grab her hand. “I love you Jesika. More than you will ever know and I hope that in the end, you realize that.”



About Erika Ashby

Being born an “Army Brat”, Erika Ashby has been residing in Oklahoma the last 10 years finally putting an end to the nomad tendencies she had grown accustomed to. She’s a happily married woman who has 5 kids between her and her husband. She has an insane passion for music and embraces her Inner Groupie any chance she has. It wasn’t until the age of 29 that she realized she also had a hidden passion for reading; before then she claimed to have hated it. Six months after unlocking that deep desire she never knew she held, she turned the key to another chapter of her life which has become the desire to write. And the rest is still history in the making.