Book Review – Learning To Heal by R.D Cole

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Book Review – Learning To Heal by R.D Cole Title: Learning To Heal
Author: R.D. Cole
Series: The Learning Series #2
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 18, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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"If Fools rush in, then most people in love are idiots. And I'm the biggest one of all."  -Jazz

Meet Jasmine Coleman. She's the girl that's outgoing, beautiful, and full of self-assurance- a confidence that’s forced to cover the scars she hides. When rushing into love becomes a heartbreaking mistake the last piece of it disappears. Now she is left uncertain, weak, and full of self-loathing. But her strength is needed now more than before.

Mason Reed is the quiet computer geek that's always the friend and never the boyfriend. Putting his social life on hold to help his single mother has left him shy when it comes to the opposite sex. And Meeting Jazz is no different. However being in love makes you do crazy things and his crazy has major consequences. Especially when the truth is revealed to others who are determined to rip them apart.

Rash Decisions have major consequences. Some good. Some bad. All Life Changing.

"The Truth doesn't always set you free. Sometimes it breaks you apart and leaves you in pieces."

Angela’s Review

Learning to Heal is about friends Jasmine Coleman and Mason Reed. Jasmine Coleman is beautiful, caring, and has a personality everyone falls in love with. When Jasmine makes a decision for the sake of love she believes she has it all. She knows her decisions could negatively impact her life but she is willing to do what she has to for the sake of love. What will happen when she finds out that the man she loves has lied to her? Will she ever be able to accept the help her friend Mason gives her? Will she ever be able to see Mason for more than just the friend he has always been?

Mason is handsome but not overly so. He is so smart and special but he always sells himself short. He does everything he can for his mom and little sister. He is a kind and caring guy and always has been. When he steps up to help Jazz with her situation without a second thought she is shocked. Will he be willing to go to bat for her when times get tough? Will he be able to keep things together when the unthinkable happens?

I really loved this book. This shows how friends can go from being just than friends, to something so much more. Jazz is a great girl. She doesn’t always make the smartest of decisions when it comes to a certain professor but she is young and learns from her mistakes. Mason, well he is a really great guy and I felt from him throughout most of this book. There was one point when I wanted to smack him silly but for the most part he was the hero everyone wants to read about. As we know, life changes and we see that in this book.

I look forward to reading Learning to Forgive coming soon in 2014. Blaire and Lyric are going to take us by storm.

Mari’s Review

If you read Learning to Live the first book in R.D. Cole’s Learning Series then you remember Jax’s sister Jazz.  This is her story…

Jazz in LtL is acting all kinds of suspicious throughout the book towards the end we find out why.  She is in love with her professor Ollie and ends up pregnant. Yep she blurts this out at Thanksgiving dinner and that is where LtH picks up.  Mason, one of Jax’s friends claims that he is the father and the let the drama begin.  Mason has his own motive for staking claim, yep he has a thing for Jazz.  Jazz isn’t ready for a relationship right away after all she is still in love with Professor douche. Mason never gives up and is constantly there for Jazz and she eventually begins having feelings for him but can’t fathom he would like her back.  OMG a little high school but its all good she gets a pass she has pregnancy hormones going on….

Baby Finlee is born  BIG AWWWWWW!!!!  Then Mason’s ex friends with Benefits comes in and kidnaps Finlee…More drama ensues….

Introduce some great new characters Ryan and Lyric who well I don’t know who they are other than in a band called Lyrical obsessions and they kind of badass too.  I think I’m in love.  No I know I’m in love. They help with the return of Finlee and all is right in the world right?  Well to really find out you will have to pick up a copy of the book…its well worth every penny  and you don’t want to miss Book 3 Learning to Forgive the story of who Lyric is and why Blair is back and why she is so pissed off….

R.D. Cole writes a good story with some powerful emotions.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful edition to the Indie World.


Holy hell! Fuck a duck and shit on a goldfish cracker! My fingers grip the blanket beside my naked body as Mason and his gloriously talented tongue continues to attack my wet pussy. Yes! I just said the word I hate, but right now at this very moment that is what it is. A pussy! Even though I had one orgasm already, he is working on number two. Thank you men everywhere who love to do this for a woman. What have I been missing? Why didn’t I ever let myself do this before with Ollie? Oh fuck him. He has nothing on this sexy guy between my thighs.

I feel the same tension in my body that I did a few moments ago start to build. The lapping of his tongue as he tells me how beautiful and sexy I am is addicting. If death is going to knock on my door, then please let me die after this next orgasm. Biting my lip, my hips thrust up on their own because I have lost all control of my body tonight. My moans even sound sexy to me, like I’m made to do this in life. Maybe I can be a voice over in a porno one day.

“Ahhh!” His finger slowly enters me as he sucks my clit and I lose my shit. My body thrashes against his mouth and I might have possibly ripped some of his hair out. But I can’t care at the moment because I’m once again in sex Heaven as I yell his name until I feel relaxed and like a marshmallow.

“Say it again.” His voice is close and the shift of the mattress causes me to open my eyes.

“Say what?” He’s above me again and the feel of his bare chest against my sweat covered one is glorious. Returning his smile, I run my finger over his full lips and watch as he sucks it into his mouth.

“My name. Say my name again.”

He’s so easy to please. “Mason,” I whisper. “Mason. Please make love to me.”

I feel his shiver or maybe it’s mine. I meant to say fuck me, but I realize that Mason is better than just a fuck. He’s a guy who will devote his whole heart into anything he does and sex is one of them. He’s very thorough and ready to conquer whatever quest he’s on.

Before I know it he’s nestled between my thighs and I feel his mouth on my neck and the head of his dick against my opening. Instead of just diving in, he kisses his way down to my breast before returning to my mouth. Squirming under his weight, I wrap my legs around him, desperate for him to enter me. Torture is the only term I can come up with. He just continues to assault my mouth and breasts affectionately.

“Damn it, Mason. You’re killing me.” My words come out in quick pants because the feel of his teeth scraping across my sensitive nipple is achingly wonderful.

He comes up and smiles again before he kisses me heatedly, doing all the things he just performed between my thighs to my mouth. Then he plunges into me and I moan from the feel of him.

Bonus Scene


Walking around the busy campus with Symone is great. Her happy enthusiasm as I point out every building catches the attention of everyone we pass. I’ve noticed more than one guy watching her and I feel protectiveness toward her even though we’ve only known each other for a short period time. Her excited voice heightens when I point out my fraternity house. Taking her inside I introduce her to a few of the guys, but since I’m really not the most popular guy at the moment we don’t stay too long. After grabbing some lunch we make our way towards the gym.

“So… Who is the lucky girl you’ve been looking for all day?”

I look at Symone who’s walking beside me. “What?”

She shoves my shoulder with hers. “The girl that has you spacing out. Duh! I’m not stupid. Every time we pass a blond you do a double take.”

“I do not.”  I’m not ready to talk about Jazz to her yet. Even though she’s totally right. I do keep spacing out when I get to a place that holds memories of the two of us together. Or when I see a blond who’s back is turned my way, even though I heard she dropped out I’m still hoping to see her.

“Whatev’. You totally do. I’ll get it out of you.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?” Playfully I grab her purse off her shoulder and toss it on the ground behind her before I turn and jog away avoiding her attack. When I see wide, sky blue eyes watching me from a distance everything stops; me,  noise, movement, my breathing, and my heart. We watch each other like we’re scared animals. She’s more beautiful now than ever with her long hair blowing in the wind and flushed cheeks. For the passed few days I thought about going to her and begging for forgiveness. But I’ve stalled and decided to wait until after Symone flies out in a few days. But it’s been hell not going to her to let her know what happened that night. Why I did what I did. But hell… I’m scared she’ll throw my apology in my face like I deserve. Then my dream of a future with her and the baby will be gone forever. Maybe I should just do it now? What the hell do I have to lose?

Taking a breath I gingerly let my lips form a smile. When she returns it my world feels right again, but before I can get my legs to move in her direction I feel a weight land on my back.

“Gotta ya you turd.”  Symone laughs as she straddles my back.

When Jazz looks from Symone to me I know I’ve lost her. Her eyes widen as I place my sister back on her feet and watch Jazz turns to walk away.

“Jazz? Please. Wait. It’s not what you think.” I yell as I close the distance between us. I notice how she’s walking in circles. Like she doesn’t know where to go. “Please Jazz. Wait.” Then my worst fear takes place when her whole body goes limp and she falls to the ground. Shoving people out of my way I run to her side and roll her over feeling relief when I see her chest rise and fall. “Jazz? Please baby.” Her eyes are open but she’s not focusing or responding to anything I say. I look up and see Tru running out of the building on the phone. Everyone else is watching with mouths wide open. Like this is a fucking circus. “Can anyone fucking help? Call 911.”

Tru sits on the ground and places Jazz’s head in her lap before she pats her cheek gently. “Jazz can you hear me?” She looks up at me. “What happened?”

Before I can answer I’m lifted from the ground and shoved into a tree. Jax is stares at me with nothing but hatred before he bends down to check on Jazz. I straighten before I make my way back to the girl I love and hear the sirens in the background. Jax however stops me before I can reach them. I’m feeling scared for Jazz and angry that this dick is keeping me from her. “Back the fuck off Jax.” I ground out.

“No Mason. You back the fuck off. You’ve done enough and she doesn’t need your shit.”

The ambulance arrives and the medics come with a gurney to load Jazz. I follow behind and hurry to pass up Jax, but he once again grabs me. Raising my fist I swing for the first time at one person I’ve always considered a friend. He will not keep me from her. After it connects he spits out blood then attacks. After I’m on the ground he punches me in the face before he’s pulled off. “Stay the fuck away from my sister. You lying piece of shit.” He fights off the arms that hold him away.

“No Jax. I will not stay away. Neither you nor anyone on this whole fucking campus is going to keep me away from her. I’m not leaving her again.” I point to the ambulance that is closing the doors. “I’m riding with them. Got it.” Symone is standing besides Tru crying. “Tru can my sister ride with you?” Before I can get an answer I turn toward the ambulance doors. When they ask me if I’m family I tell them yes and she’s carrying my child. Fuck anyone who thinks differently.

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About R.D. Cole

R.D. Cole is a lively person with a determination to make it in life. Once her mind gets set on an idea she pursues it with passion. As long as she has God and her family she feels she can conquer everyday. Besides reading and writing she loves to sing, dance, and go mudding on her Souped-up Can Am. Her hubby is 9 years younger but he seems more mature than her at times and they level one another out. She has a beautiful daughter named Bethani who is a miracle and a fighter. She’s the only known living survivor of Matthew Woods Syndrome and when no one thought she’d live R.D. said “yes she will.” R.D. takes nothing for granted when it comes to life. “Everything can be ripped from your fingers before they can grasp it. So if you want something in life, do it. Go for it.”
That same mindset has helped R.D. write small pieces of her life mixed in to fictional settings and characters that will capture your heart.
“Read on. Dream on. Write on.” –R.D. Cole
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