Book Review – Learning To Live by R.D Cole

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Book Review – Learning To Live by R.D Cole Title: Learning To Live
Author: R.D. Cole
Series: The Learning Series #1
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 18, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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Being alive and living are not always the same.Trudy Love is used to being on her own and has rarely been shown affection. Between growing up in foster care and her abusive boyfriend she has no idea what life can be. At 19 she goes through something no one should ever experience and is left alone once again. Six months later she moves to Mobile, Alabama where she meets someone whose eyes bring back memories of the one person she misses everyday. Too late she finds herself caught in a storm of emotions that are unwanted, but she's determined to fight them off.

Jaxon Coleman has a good life, and for him to attend one of the finest Med schools in the country and follow in his dad's foot steps is a dream come true. However, dreams can change in life and when he meets Trudy he knows his will never be the same. Jax knows she has secrets she is unwilling to share, but he's never given up on something he wants and he wants Tru.

Can Trudy stop resisting her feelings and welcome the chance to live a different life than she pictured or will her defiance and haunted past eventually take her out of Jax's reach?

After tragedy living is not easy, but with the right person it can be learned.

Angela’s Review

Learning to Live follows the romance of Trudy Love and Jaxon Coleman. Trudy has had a hard life. She has been through so much over the years but she refuses to give up. She is strong, beautiful, and completely shattered. When tragedy strikes she picks up the broken pieces of her life and moves to Alabama. She never wants to look back but as we all know the past has a way of sneaking up on you and smacking you in the face when we least expect it. Will Trudy’s past come back to haunt her? Will she ever be able to let Jaxon past the defenses she has built around her heart?

Jaxon is sexy, smart, and a bit overprotective. He has his life planned out. He wants to be a doctor and is enjoying the path to get there. He wants to be a pediatric cardiologist because he wants to help children. He has 4 adopted siblings that mean the world to him and they love him just as much in return. What will happen when his sister’s dorm mate turns out to be Tru Love? Will he be able to save her when the time calls for it?

Tru and Jax have a wonderful story. Tru is so strong and kind. I know she had a rough start but her strength is amazing. I couldn’t imagine surviving what she went through. She goes onto my list of favorite female leads. Jax is such a sweetheart. The love and kindness that he shows not only Tru but his family truly is remarkable. He will going on my list of best book boyfriends. I love the main characters and the secondary characters are just as special. Cohen, oh that little boy truly has special powers when it comes to the ladies.

I am looking forward to Jazz and Mason. I have a feeling it is going to be a wild ride in Learning to Heal.

Mari’s Review

I have to start off by saying I was a little overexcited to get the chance to read this ARC for one simple reason…the Author lives across the bay from me 🙂 I know others don’t get it but she does ;).  Another reason is I graduated from the same college that the main character in the story attends so it hit a little close to me.  Imagine if the novel had sucked how disappointed I would have been?  Luckily, that wasn’t a problem.

Trudy, literally breaks me in the beginning of the novel her story is so sad.  Living in foster care, being kicked out at age 18 before graduating high school, moving in with her boyfriend and getting pregnant. Yeah, all that and she is still a senior in high school plus her boyfriend, Brad, is an ass.  In more ways than one.  The things she goes through in the Prologue alone are enough drama for a lifetime.

Six months later, Trudy is now living in Mobile, Alabama. She will be attending the University of South Alabama (Go JAGS!)  and trying to improve her life.  This is our first glimpse of what has happened to her in the last 6 months and how it has changed her outlook on life.  Her first day on campus she literally runs into Jaxson or Jax but she refuses to give him the time of day.   Trudy makes it to her dorm room and we meet Jasmine,  her feisty bathroom mate.  Jasmine wins over Trudy and being friends with her comes  naturally.  Jazz and Tru decide to go out one night and Tru ends up getting the surprise of a lifetime. Guess who is Jazz’s brother? Oh yeah…you guessed it people….hottie Jax. Jax couldn’t be happier about this turn of events…Tru not so much.

Jax can’t get Tru off his mind and it becomes almost an obsession for him. Needing some help to win her over he goes to his little sister.  Tru doesn’t stand a chance with Jazz on her brothers side…we all know this.  Tru is a dancer and after being caught dancing gets a walk on spot on the school dance team, she finds a job and her life is full yet she can’t get Jax off her mind. Tru goes home with Jazz and Jax on a break. After meeting the rest of the family, she is taken in by all of them. Jax is sweet and patient with Tru which leads to him eventully winning her over. They become an official couple and Tru finally opens up about all that has happened to her.  Um…the first time Jax and Tru have sex is hot as hell.  I made notes and highlights all through the scene 🙂

Tru’s past catches up with her threatening to ruin her new happiness but justice prevails.  Jax declares how much Tru means to him and even though everything has happened so fast for them, Tru is willing to take the “leap of faith” Jax is asking of her.  Of course the book ends with Tru and Jax happy and Jazz making a surprise announcement at the dinner table….THE END

Pretty sure we might get Jazz’s story or I might drown Ms. Cole in the Bay between us 😉 okay not really because I’m pretty sure you can walk all the way across without it over going over your knees but that just details. THe point being…I need Jazz’s book or they may be

I absolutely loved the beauty of this story, even with the tragic things that happen to Tru….her story is beautiful and HEA is well derseved.

Book Trailer

About R.D. Cole

R.D. Cole is a lively person with a determination to make it in life. Once her mind gets set on an idea she pursues it with passion. As long as she has God and her family she feels she can conquer everyday. Besides reading and writing she loves to sing, dance, and go mudding on her Souped-up Can Am. Her hubby is 9 years younger but he seems more mature than her at times and they level one another out. She has a beautiful daughter named Bethani who is a miracle and a fighter. She’s the only known living survivor of Matthew Woods Syndrome and when no one thought she’d live R.D. said “yes she will.” R.D. takes nothing for granted when it comes to life. “Everything can be ripped from your fingers before they can grasp it. So if you want something in life, do it. Go for it.”
That same mindset has helped R.D. write small pieces of her life mixed in to fictional settings and characters that will capture your heart.
“Read on. Dream on. Write on.” –R.D. Cole
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