Book Review: Red At Night by Katie McGarry

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Book Review: Red At Night by Katie McGarry Title: Red at Night
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher by: Harlequin
Published on: April 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Book Rating:

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In Red at Night, Stella and Jonah are total opposites. She's the girl with purple hair from the wrong part of town. He's a high school senior who hangs with the cool crowd. Until a car accident leaves him haunted by guilt, and Jonah starts spending time at Stella's favorite refuge…the local cemetery.

Stella knows she should keep her distance—after all, she spent her girlhood being bullied by Jonah's friends. Once he's sorted out his tangled emotions, Jonah won't have time for her anymore. Too bad she's already fallen for him….

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Red At Night was another fantastic story from Katie McGarry. Even though this was a short novella, it still had an emotional impact on me. This was a story about hope, second chances, and changing for the better.

“Hope is a deadly snake with fangs of poison.”

Stella and Jonah are total opposites. They’ve attended school together for years but they barely know one another. Stella is a tough, smart, and beautiful girl. She grew up poor and she was constantly teased by Jonah’s friends because of how she dressed and looked. She’s never knew her mother and her father is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her father has abandoned her more than once and she’s had to go from home to home, staying with her father’s ex-girlfriends, until he decides to come back for her. For Stella disappointment and heartache is a normal thing and having hope for the better can only lead to heartbreak.

“I’ve walked into this school hundreds of times, but this time it’s different. It’s because I’m different and I’m never going back to who I used to be.”

For Jonah he’s things have always been good in his life. He’s always lived in a nice home and had new clothes and shoes, plenty of food, family and friends. He never questioned things or stood up for anyone, he always went with the flow of things. When Jonah is involved in a car accident, something happens that affects him greatly. He realizes he could have died that night and it makes him question how he’s been living his life. It makes him feel differently about everything. His friends and family don’t understand how he feels.

“Love is as dangerous. It’s just as bad as hope. This is the way of life for me. I have to accept that.”

When he meets Stella (at the most unusual place) they start to slowly build a friendship. She’s the only one that seems to understand what he’s feeling and she tries to help him through it. She helps to calm him. The more time the spend together the closer they become. They could become so much more to each other but only if they both wanted it. Could Stella hope for more and not be disappointed? Could Jonah change?

“It changed me. You…changed me.”

This story was fantastic and it caught my attention from beginning to end. My only complaint is that I wish it was a longer. The thing I truly loved about this story was the message behind it. Jonah and Stella were from different worlds but they helped to make each other better. Stella showed Jonah it was possible to go you own way in life and you can change for the better. Jonah gave Stella, the seedling of hope and he wanted her for her. I adored these two characters and the connection they shared was so sweet and beautiful. I loved seeing their characters evolve. I definitely recommend this story.

“It’s not one in a million, Stella. It’s two in a million and it’s you and me. In other words…I’m not giving up on us.”

About Katie McGarry

Katie McGarry was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

Katie is the author of full length YA novels, PUSHING THE LIMITS, DARE YOU TO, CRASH INTO YOU, TAKE ME ON, BREAKING THE RULES, and NOWHERE BUT HERE and the e-novellas, CROSSING THE LINE and RED AT NIGHT. Her debut YA novel, PUSHING THE LIMITS was a 2012 Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction, a RT Magazine’s 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Awards Nominee for Young Adult Contemporary Novel, a double Rita Finalist, and a 2013 YALSA Top Ten Teen Pick. DARE YOU TO was also a Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction and won RT Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award for Young Adult Contemporary fiction in 2013.

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