Book Review – What’s Left Of Us by Amanda Maxlyn

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Book Review – What’s Left Of Us by Amanda Maxlyn Title: What's Left Of Us
Author: Amanda Maxlyn
Series: , #2
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: November 14, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Page Count: 228
Format: eBook
Book Rating:

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The heartwarming conclusion to What's Left of Me.

Love found me three years ago.

I’m cancer free, happily married to the love of my life, and working toward my dream career.

Our life is complete. Perfect, really.

Or is it?

I’ve always wanted a family of my own, but never dreamed I could have one. Now Parker’s ready to make my dream our reality.

But sometimes our dreams are haunted by our deepest fears. Fears of failure, having a child, and in our case … death. How do I help the person I love get over his fear when I’m still trying to overcome that same fear myself?

Together we must learn What’s Left of Us.

I absolutely loved What’s Left Of Me and it was my first ugly cry of this year. From the array of emotions I felt to the beautiful writing the story gutted me. When I found out there was going to be a sequel I was both nervous and excited. Would I love the characters as much? Would the story live up to my expectations? Well I’ll say Amanda Maxlyn made me very happy.

“Our past shapes our future, but don’t plan your future around past hardships.”

From the minute I read the prologue I was instantly drawn into this book. I knew it as going to be another emotional story. What’s Left Of Us picks up 3 years after What’s Left Of Me ends. Parker and Aundrea are happy, immensely in love, and successful. For three years she’s been cancer free and with everything else in their life going so well, they make the decision to look into starting a family. It’s something that they both desperately want but with Aundrea’s history it makes her a bit nervous.

“Life is all about doing the unimaginable. It’s about taking on new challenges to overcome. And I say, bring it on.”

Aundrea doesn’t fear her cancer returning or her heart issues but what she does fear the most is leaving behind those that she loves. Her fear is something that paralyzes her at times and it’s a struggle for her but she’s willing to battle it to gain that happiness that they both desire.

“ There is no life if it’s not a life with you.”

It was beautiful to see Aundrea and Parker together. Parker was so sweet and supportive and they adored each other. They had a passionate loving relationship and their connection could be felt throughout the story. I loved seeing them happy. Yet, as I read I felt I was waiting for the something bad happen and that put me on edge. When an unexpected tragedy occurred it hurt Audrey immensely. It brought her own fears back to life. My heart broke for her and I truly felt her fear. It wasn’t easy on either of them. This story was an amazing journey of love, loss, and conquering your fears. It had a different feel from the first book but it still had an emotional impact. I teared up more times than I can count but this story left me with a smile on my face. This was a beautiful follow-up to an amazing duo.


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About Amanda Maxlyn

I am the mother of two little boys, married to the love of my life, and living in one of the smallest towns in Minnesota. When I’m not chasing or cleaning up after my boys (yes, all three), I can be found writing or snuggled up with my kindle, a glass of wine, and spending time with my fictional friends and family.

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