Book Review – Alive by Scott Sigler

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Book Review – Alive by Scott Sigler Title: Alive
Author: Scott Sigler
Publisher by: Del Rey
Published on: July 14, 2015
Genres: Dystopian, Suspense, Mature YA
Page Count: 368
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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From New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler comes something utterly new: a gripping sci-fi adventure trilogy in the vein of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner. A group of young adults awake in a mysterious enclosed space with no knowledge of who they are or how they got there…and an indomitable young woman must lead them not only to answers but to survival.

A young woman awakes trapped in an enclosed space. She has no idea who she is or how she got there. With only her instincts to guide her, she escapes her own confinement—and finds she’s not alone. She frees the others in the room and leads them into a corridor filled with the remains of a war long past. The farther these survivors travel, the worse are the horrors they confront. And as they slowly come to understand what this prison is, they realize that the worst and strangest possibilities they could have imagined don’t even come close to the truth.

Alive was a strange, fast paced, but interesting novel. I don’t know if it’s because this book was far outside my normal read, but I truly have mixed feelings on this novel. For the first 3 parts of this story I was engaged, curious, and I generally wanted the characters to find the answers to their many questions. The last 2 parts left me a bit confused and frustrated.

If you run, your enemy will hunt you. Kill your enemy, and you are forever free.

The premise of the book was interesting enough. When M. “Em” Savage wakes up on her 12th birthday and she wakes up locked in a coffin. She has little memory of what happened to her or where she is. She knows it’s her birthday, she vaguely remembers her parents, but the rest of her memory is gone. Her 12-year-old self now has the body of nineteen year old.  When Em is able to escape from her coffin she finds others that I trapped just like her.

My past is a vague whisper, shades and hints of events that might have actually happened, or might have been a dream. The only reality I can count on is what happened after the needle struck home.

Spingate, O’Malley, Yong, Aramovsky, and Bell,  are the first people she’s able to find and help rescue. The group all of have very little memory but they each know it’s their birthday. Just like Em, their bodies have changed. Each have vastly different personalities but they band together to find food and get to safety. They see the death and destruction that has happened around them. When they find another group like them it gives them a chance to find strength in numbers.

“We don’t need them. We don’t need someone else to rescue us … we can rescue ourselves.”

I did like the mystery and suspense of the novel and it did keep interested for a good 65%…but then it all went a bit over my head. The “monsters”, everyone’s true identity and purpose, the constant detail on EVERYTHING, and the power struggle, was a bit too much for me. It annoyed me to the point I had to power read through to the end. Sigh. I know this is book one in a trilogy and the author can’t divulge everything in book one, BUT , I have so many questions, and so few answers. Despite all that I previously stated, I still strangely want to know what happens next.  I want answers and my interest is peaked enough that I may check out the next book.

Ps. I didn’t know what to rate this book, I was somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars, but I figured I did like a majority of the book and I do what to know what comes next. So I bumped it up to 3 stars.

About Scott Sigler

New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler is the creator of fifteen novels, six novellas and dozens of short stories. His works are available from Crown Publishing and Del Rey Books.

In 2005, Scott built a large online following by releasing his audiobooks as serialized podcasts. A decade later, he still gives his stories away — for free — every Sunday at His loyal fans, who named themselves “Junkies,” have downloaded over thirty-five million individual episodes.

Scott is the co-founder of Empty Set Entertainment, which publishes his Galactic Football League series. He lives in San Diego, CA, with his dog Reesie.