Book Review – First and Goal by Kata Čuić

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Book Review – First and Goal by Kata Čuić Title: First and Goal
Author: Kata Čuić
Series: Moving the Chains Series #1
Publisher by: Self-Published
Published on: June 28, 2016
Page Count: 339
Format: eBook
Book Rating:

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Eva Papageorgiou has one goal: to make it through her senior year of high school unseen and unscathed. But when her strategy to stay out of the limelight is derailed by rampant rumors, she’s forced to change tactics. Her new game plan is to keep everyone at arm’s length. Especially boys. So when she’s partnered up in class with the hot as hell varsity quarterback, she pushes and pushes.

Until he pushes back.

Rob Falls just wants to fit in. With his teammates, with his friends, with everyone. His image as the quintessential jock makes him feel like a fraud. Especially since it’s the only reason all the girls at school want him, except the one girl he dreams about. She wants nothing to do with him. When he’s forced to tutor the class pariah, he realizes it’s time to get in the game instead of standing on the sidelines.

She’s going to help him get exactly what he wants, whether she knows it or not.

Life doesn’t come with a playbook, but Rob knows this could be the most important play he’ll ever make.

First and Goal is book one in The Moving the Chains series. It ends on a cliffhanger.

Second Down: Coming late 2016.
Third and Long: Coming early 2017.
Fourth and Inches: Coming late 2017.

The Moving the Chains series is recommended for mature readers due to strong language, sexual content, and potential emotional triggers.

“She’s going to be the most complicated play of my life, but the most worthwhile if I can pull it off.”

I don’t know where to start with this review for First and Goal because my mind is still living in this fictional world (I just wanted to climb inside this book and leave reality behind) and reeling from the heartstopping ending (I will be stalking the author like crazy for the next book!)!! I can’t believe this is the authors debut novel because it is absolutely written like a seasoned pro., it consumed me completely (mind, heart, and soul), it dominated my mind even when I wasn’t reading (didn’t want to do anything but read this book), I wanted to read, read, read, but at the same time didn’t want it to end…gah, LOVED it so much!

“Step one: start addressing her as my girl until it sinks in that she is actually the woman of my dreams.”

I couldn’t get enough of Rob Falls, Eva Papageorgiou, and their circle of friends. Rob and Eva’s push and pull against one another, against school rumors, against each of their secrets…the slow build was the best sweet torture to my heart and book loving soul EVER!! This story took my emotions on a rollercoaster of ups and downs, highs and lows, laughs and tears, and felt like I was a teenager again living through it all right along with these great characters!

“Your smile lights up a room. Your laughter is my favorite song. You always look me in the eye when you talk to me. You’re one of my best friends.”
“….but you already have my heart. You always have.”

I know some will shy away from reading First and Goal because of the cliffhanger ending but I want to encourage all readers that considering reading to PLEASE one click and read this amazing book! I’m not a fan of cliffhangers myself but am soooo happy that I took a chance and didn’t let that deter me because I have found a new talented author to stalk and an unforgettable book that will always be a top favorite!!!

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About Kata Čuić

Kata lives in the greater Pittsburgh, PA region with her husband and three children. When she isn’t writing or rewriting or editing or staring at the infuriating blinking cursor on her screen, she’s reading. This tends to be a point of contention with the aforementioned family since Kata can’t put a book down once she reads the first line. It’s all or nothing in a matter of hours. Binge reading tends to be detrimental to domestic goddess/supermom duties. Caffeine, wine, and natural insomnia are constant bolsters in the pursuit of getting everything done.

She has a degree in Linguistics and is, in fact, fluent in several American English dialects including Pittsburghese and sarcasm. She’s eternally grateful to be a part of the last generation to go through college without social media documenting the entire ordeal.

She loves long walks on the beach, romantic candlelight dinners, and holding hands. Just kidding. Her true loves are football, steak and Buffalo wings, the occasional blizzard, bonfires with friends and family, and learning new things.