Audio Book Review and Giveaway — Mastered by Maya Banks

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Audio Book Review and Giveaway — Mastered by Maya Banks Title: Mastered
Author: Maya Banks
Series: The Enforcers Series #1
Published on: December 29, 2015
Page Count: 360
Format: eARC
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy and the Breathless Trilogy knows what makes readers hot. Now she turns it up in Mastered, the explosive first book in a new series of a desire too dangerous to resist.

What he wants, he takes with no remorse or guilt.

She stood out in his club like a gem, unspoiled and untouched. A lamb among wolves, she clearly didn’t belong. Drawn to her innocence he watched as she was surrounded by men who saw what he did—but no one but him could touch her. He summoned her to his private quarters. He sensed her fear. He also recognized the desire in her eyes. And he knew she wouldn’t leave before he possessed her. She had no need to know his secrets. Not until he had her under his complete and utter control.

What he wants, she isn’t sure she can give him.

The moment he told her want he wanted, she couldn’t resist. Instinct told her to run, but her heart said stay and walk the fine line between pleasure and pain. Though she wasn’t sure she could ever completely surrender, the primal part of her wanted to try, even knowing this man could break her in ways she never imagined. Because once he possessed her, he owned her and it would be too late to turn back. She can only pray that he doesn’t destroy her in the end.

We are having some fun today at BCS Reviews. I had so many thoughts in my head when it come to this book that it was hard to get them to work into a review so I decided to “podcast” it instead. I hope you enjoy!

P.S…if you guys enjoy the format…let us know in the comments below. We may just keep and you can hear all my crazy on the regular…lol.

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5 responses to “Audio Book Review and Giveaway — Mastered by Maya Banks

  1. Melissa Jones

    WOW….LOVE IT J!! Can’t wait for more audio reviews from you and C!! Added Mastered to my TBR. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    • Thank you so much and it really was a great book. I can see why Maya has such a strong following now. Very much deserved.

  2. Loved your review! Great job! Looking forward to more!

    The sky is blue, but it’s freezing cold! Like I had to put on a sweater cold! (I know it’s nothing on Jersey, but for SoCal, it’s a big deal!)

    • That’s crazy given you live in CA. But again last week it was 68 degrees here. That was crazy! LOL. At least you had sweater..haha.

      Thank you for commenting and I am so happy you liked my review. It was fun. I got to share my enthusiasm which does not come through on regular reviews.