New Release and Review – Paige In Progress by Brighton Walsh

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New Release and Review – Paige In Progress by Brighton Walsh Title: Paige In Process
Author: Brighton Walsh
Series: Reluctant Hearts Series #3
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 19, 2016
Genres: New Adult Romance
Page Count: 378
Format: eARC
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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She wanted a one-night stand...and then he moved in next door.

Paige Bennett is more than content with her life and what she does—and does not—have in it. She’s got a supportive family, a great apartment, and the best friend a girl could ask for; so what if her relationships expire faster than a carton of milk? After a disastrous detour courtesy of poor judgment in the boyfriend department, her plan is back on track and her dream job is finally within her grasp. Nothing can make her lose focus now. Well, nothing except the one-night stand she had with her best friend’s surrogate brother. The one-night stand she can’t stop thinking about.

Adam Reid has always been reliable...the responsible son, the loyal friend, the steady boyfriend. Two years ago, he graduated Magna Cum Laude and is well on his way to making a name for himself at an accounting firm in Denver—a far cry from working as a helper in the Mom and Pop store his parents own in Michigan. But when said store starts failing, he’s the only one who can step in and help. So reliable Adam does what he always does, and he comes to the rescue.

Paige thought Adam was a safe bet because he lives halfway across the country. But then suddenly he’s moving back to their town, and then into her apartment building, and soon he’s worming his way right into her life. If she’s not careful, he might sneak his way into her heart, too...

Brighton Walsh is definitely one of my favorite authors. She always manages to draw you into her characters and their lives. I was hoping for some of the same intensity as the earlier novels. I liked but I didn’t love this story as much as the others. Told from alternating POVs, Paige In Progress was fun a fun, sexy, and easy read.

What I liked

The characters themselves

Paige was such a fun character. Some people underestimated her but she was so much more than her beauty. Paige was smart, sexy, and sassy. I loved her that she was independent and spoke her mind. She was a military brat, had traveled the world, and was interning for a promising career. I really liked Adam in the earlier novels. It was nice to get to know more about him in this book. He was fun and sweet and I enjoyed the banter between him and Paige. I liked the fact that the “traditional” roles were reversed in the story. Paige was the one that didn’t want anything more than a one night stand and Adam had always been in serious relationships. He wanted more from Paige and they really worked at forming a true friendship. It was fun to see them have their non-date, date nights.

What I didn’t love

I felt that the book lacked some back story. I read the earlier novels and while I remembered Adam well, I didn’t remember much about Paige. I wanted to know more about them prior to the beginning of the book. Even though the story mentions how they hooked up, I wish there had been a prologue with it. There was a lot of build up to the sexual tension and at times the book felt too drawn out.

Final Thoughts

As strong as Paige was I was surprised by her hesitance when it came to relationships. It almost seemed out of character for a girl like Paige. It did allow her room to grow in the story and you could slowly see the changes she went through. Even though this was not my favorite in the series, I still liked it. It made me laugh and the sexual chemistry was hot. It was also nice to see Cage, Winter, Tessa, and Jason. I hope that we get to see more from these characters again.

About Brighton Walsh

Brighton Walsh spent nearly a decade as a professional photographer before deciding to take her storytelling in a different direction and reconnect with her first love: writing. When she’s not pounding away at the keyboard, she’s probably either reading or shopping—maybe even both at once. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children, and, yes, she considers forty degrees to be hoodie weather. Her home is the setting for frequent dance parties, Lego battles, and more laughter than she thought possible.
Her debut novel, Caged in Winter, will be released with Berkley/Penguin on November 4, 2014. She is represented by Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency.