Book Relaunch, Excerpt, and Giveaway- Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich

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Book Relaunch, Excerpt, and Giveaway- Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich Title: Retrace
Author: Sigal Ehrlich
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: November 6, 2014
Genres: New Adult Romance, Romance

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To have a future together, they must first confront the ghosts of their past.

A former FBI agent.

A Brazilian dancer.

Two souls haunted by ghosts of their past.

One looking for retribution, the other for atonement. Both seeking solace.

A solitary existence is all they know, until fate brings them together. Mutual attraction leads to the perfect pact that will keep them safe. No commitment, just friendship and sex. But nothing in life is risk free.

When suppressed emotions emerge, a seemingly impossible decision has to be made. Do they fight their growing feelings or retrace their lives back to where wounded hearts can be broken once more?


“Her expression when she opens the door skyrockets my mood. She is the very picture of shocked excitement. Her chin literally drops while her eyes devour the sight of me. Fuck yeah!

I scratch my temple with my thumb, squinting at her teasingly. “Hey. I’m the neighbor from upstairs, can I borrow some sex?”

Her lips stretch to the wildest smile, she grabs me by my jacket’s lapel, eagerly pulling me inside.

“Whoa…” I gladly cooperate. Our mouths mesh in no time through unified chuckles. She takes a step back to look at me again and shakes her head with a greedy smile before jumping me. I catch her, and she wraps her legs around my waist. Her mouth attacks mine and her needy grazing against me causes me to almost lose balance.

“Get down to business,” she orders, biting my lips.

“Fond of the uniform, are we?” I pin her to the wall, pressing against her, my mouth biting at her jaw.

“Oh, shut up and get busy.”


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