Book Review – Ripping Pages by Rachel Rae

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Book Review – Ripping Pages by Rachel Rae Title: Ripping Pages
Author: Rachel Rae
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: October 23, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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Sweet, shy and a bit goofy, Tinley Michaels has it all: a great mother, a wonderful, sexy, loving boyfriend, and her whole life ahead of her. One day her world is turned upside down when the love of her life suddenly leaves her without reason. She is left broken and vulnerable and vows to never let a man destroy her again. Months later, she decides to dust herself off and finally realize her dream of being a Broadway star. With nothing holding her back, she leaves everything she's ever known in Texas to start her new life in New York City. She moves in with her cousin, makes some great new friends, gets a steady job and an audition for a part in a small theater. Things are heading in the right direction.

Tinley isn’t looking for anyone. She is jaded but still hopelessly in love with her first love. That’s when, by chance, she meets Van Whitaker, the smooth talking sexy lead singer of the best-selling rock band, Ripping Pages. She labels him a man-whore/rock-n-roll douchebag immediately. Van tries to show her that he’s no longer that guy and that he sees something in Tinley worth trying to be better for. Even though he makes her feel things she’s only read about in the hundreds of romance novels she’s shamelessly addicted to, she is scared he will leave her even more broken than she already is. Should she give this gorgeous rock star the time of day? And what will she do when she comes face to face with her past and she must make a decision that will change her future and her forever?

What happens when the page you ripped out of the book of your life suddenly tries to put itself back into the story?

*** Possible Spoiler Alert***

Ripping Pages is the debut novel from Rachael Rae. The story centers on Tinley Michaels and Van Whitaker. Tinley thinks that she is broken and scared to give her heart to someone else. Van is a typical playboy rock star who has women hanging off his arm. They meet and the romance starts. The story is beautifully written. Yes, the couple has their problems and yes, the ex comes back into Tinley’s life. I laughed, cried and cussed through this book. The author keeps you in suspense about the relationship until the very end…Hence, the use of bad words. I will say that James’ actions shock me quite a bit, though I can understand why he does what he does.

The story is well written, with strong lead and background characters. Tatum is a fantastic character who would be great as a main character in her own book. Sloan is another character who surprised me as well. She is the typically rich kid, but yet she has a heart of gold. The boys in the band do not get a lot of page time, but Jensen’s character is the most interesting of them all besides Van. I would definitely want to read a multiple books if Ms. Rae made it into a series, but it also works as a stand alone too. I look forward to reading future works and seeing what else Ms. Rae has in store for us!


I stepped out into the hallway on the second floor. It was eerily quiet. The sounds of the party were drowned out by the enormity of the house. I walked down the hall where there were only 2 doors and a set of double doors. I saw the keypad next to the door handle and entered the code. Thankful that it was the right one. I felt around for the light switch so that I could see where I was going. When I found it and flipped it up, I was suddenly aware that I was in someone’s personal space. I mean, I knew it was in the master bedroom but I felt like I was seriously intruding. A bedroom was very intimate. It was my personal belief that no one should be in your bedroom but the person you shared it with. Or persons depending on who you were. But I seriously had to pee. Looking around, my feeling of intrusion into someone’s intimate space was confirmed. The room was huge with big windows all along the walls looking out into the city. It was sparse of furniture except for a huge King sized bed sat on the far wall, the bed sheets and comforter rumpled up like someone had just gotten out of bed even though it was after nine p.m. Men’s clothes were strewn all over the floor. Jeans, white t-shirts, boxer briefs…a pair of lacy panties. I spotted condom wrappers on the nightstand next to an alarm clock and a half empty bottle of water and a phone charger. Ok, time to pee and get out of this dude’s room.

I finished my business and walked out of the messy room quickly turning the lights off and closing the door behind me. When I came out into the hallway, my little annoying snoopy side came out. Seeing as I was totally alone up there I figured I could just have a quick look around. I would not go back into the bedroom though. That was pushing it. I tried to quiet my heels on the solid cherry oak floors under me. I turned toward the set of double doors at the end of the hall and carefully and quietly turned the knob. It was dark but as soon as I stepped through the threshold, the lights came on.

I was immediately in awe. Dozens of pictures and platinum, and gold records hung all around the room along with a huge shelf that held several Grammys and other awards I couldn’t name. I closed the door softly behind me and then walked around the room. I was in wonder as I looked around the room with beams and small windows looking out to the skyline. There was a fully stocked bar on the far side of the area. It was strangely cozy in that room. I walked over to one of the platinum records that hung on the wooden wall. I instantly recognized the band name. Ripping Pages. They weren’t a band that I particularly listened to but I remember James had several of their cds so I listened to them quite a bit when we were together. We especially enjoyed having some sexy time to the sounds of Ripping Pages and their lead singer whose voice made my girly parts tingle even more as it stroked me through the tiny speakers in James’ apartment. Add that voice to some sex with my man and boom, those were some fun times. James. He was into hard rock and alternative music. I was into some of the old stuff I had grown up listening to. My mother was a huge 70’s soft rock fan. Bread, Barry Manilow and Carly Simon were some of my favorites. I also liked the occasional pop song.

From what I remembered, Ripping Pages were pretty good. Really good actually. James had told me more than once that they were one of the best-selling rock artists of all time. Wow, so Sloan’s brother was in Ripping Pages? Pretty cool. I walked over to the shelves that held the awards. I looked behind me to make sure no one had come in from the hallway to catch me being a total snoop. I turned back around and bent down to run my fingers along the shiny gold Grammy. It was from about 8 years ago. Best new artist. Damn. That’s legit. I ran my hand along another Grammy feeling the cold metal under my fingertips. It was from 4 years before.

“Album of the year,” I heard a familiar, deep voice penetrate the quiet. I screamed and turned around only to lock eyes with the one guy who had been filling my thoughts the past few days. He stood there, hair brown hair a spiky beautiful mess, perfectly faded jeans, a Mets t-shirt hugging his ridiculously defined body and those hot as hell tattoos running all up and down each of his impressive arms. I’ve never found feet to be anywhere near sexy but to see him standing there barefoot got my heart racing just a little faster than it already was. I just stood there staring and unbelievably mortified. He caught me snooping. Awesome.


About Rachel Rae

Rachel Rae is a devoted wife to her high school sweetheart and momma to three unbelievably gorgeous children. She enjoys reading all things romance and writing about love and happily ever afters. When she’s not engrossed in a good book and obsessing over fictional boyfriends, you can find her gossiping over coffee or wine with frozen berries, goofing around with her sister, watching trashy reality TV and facebooking entirely too much. She is addicted to music, chocolate, Christmas, lip gloss, glitter and all things girly. She lives in Texas with her family.

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