Book Review: Tattered Love (Needle’s Kiss #1) by Lola Stark

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Tattered Love (Needle’s Kiss #1) by Lola Stark Title: Tattered Love
Author: Lola Stark
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: September 9, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Humor, Romance
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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When ex-Special Ops bad-ass Mace walks into Needle's Kiss tattoo parlor, he never expected to find the girl who would turn his life upside down.

Hard as nails Scarlett has been unlucky in love: she’s been burnt, chewed up and spat out. Reluctant to have another relationship, can she keep her wits about her when hot-as-sin Mace walks into her tattoo parlor? Or will he break her down and leave his mark within her ink?

What starts out as a little fun, turns into something so much more.

Can Scarlett look beyond Mace's devastating past or will his demons come back to haunt them both?

Content warning: contains steamy, anywhere-goes sex, an alcohol induced embarrassing night out and two headstrong lovers taken on a whirlwind of crazy.

Can I just say this, by far, had to have been the most anticipated ARC for us. I was on pins and needles(no pun intended) waiting for this ARC to show up in the email.  Julie and I may have, possibly stalked Kim just a bit….lol…sorry Kim 😉 When it came in Julie and I couldn’t get it sent to the kindle fast enough. I stayed up and had this book read in 2 hours. It is widely believed I may be a freak of nature when it comes to reading books.  (FYI 73 read in August alone)

Scarlett is badass, I saw myself in her so much it was almost scary.  I thought maybe Lola had been spying on me when I was younger to get the character of Scarlett.  She has a few trust issues when it comes to men because she apparently has picked some losers in the past.  And how HOT is it that she is a tattoo artist.  I find that very hot…she may have given me a girly boner….just “Keepin’ It Real” (you like that right…hehe).  Remy and Trip are two artists that work with her and Teeny is her best friend.  I loved her friends maybe as much as I loved her. She has a good set of friends. Scar is awesome, she can work on a car(wish I could) and has ink and can ink others. Notice I kind of have a thing for ink.

Enter Mace, Trip’s older brother.  Scar is in big trouble with the instant connection.  The sexual tension between these two is instant and intense. HOT DAMN!

I kind of fell in love with Mace early in the book when Trip warns him not to play with Scar and he says maybe she kind of woman to get your shit together for.  SWOON, MELT PANTIES!

Scar and Mace are instant…the connect is so electrifying.

The bar scene had me laughing until I cried.  My husband looking at me like I lost my mind. Some of the dialogue in that scene is stand up material. Sadly I can remember many a night I was just like that. (Julie too…from the pieces I can muster together…I was that bad…haha…your only young once)

Of course there is conflict when Mace tells Scar about Belle and Janelle aka the bitch.  Mace decided he needs to protect Scar by leaving her….stupid alpha caveman 🙁  Scar is being harassed, is miserable, in love and what the hell is going on with Teeny? She is acting all strange and shit.

Mace goes all cheesy to win Scar back and then, BOOM!!….shit blows up and gets real but its okay because Scar and Mace work it out and then we find out what going on with Teeny and all I’m saying is someone is in big trouble……Cue for book 2…..I CANT WAIT!!!

Okay this book was not as erotic I was expecting but it was still really HOT. I want Mace and Trip in my bed 😉 I want Scar and Teeny as mine and Julie’s new BFF’s and we could all live HEA. There were so many moments I found myself out right laughing or chuckling at the craziness of these characters.  This was a great read. A MUST READ!

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