Book Review — Right There With You by R.J. Sable

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review — Right There With You by R.J. Sable Title: Right There With You
Author: R.J. Sable
Series: With You Trilogy, #1
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: July 4, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Page Count: 474
Format: eARC
Book Rating:

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Jamie-Lea Carter has been living under the thumb of her older brothers for eighteen years. Having finally moved out to start her new life as a university student, she tries to faithfully follow the strictly ordered life they've lain out for her. These rules haven't been an issue for her before because she knows she owes them everything. More than any sibling can ever owe.

She dutifully follows these rules until she meets Jason Reed and the biggest one becomes a problem. No boyfriends. Torn between her loyalty to her brothers and the sizzling attraction to the intriguing ladies' man, Jamie-Lea finds herself on dangerous standings with her overbearing and somewhat aggressive brothers.

Jason Reed isn't intimidated by the Carters. He knows what he wants the moment he sees it and nothing is going to come between him and the girl he never expected to fall for.

With the odds stacked against them, where will this forbidden romance take them?

Ok so you’ve got one maybe two big brothers, right? Everyone has heard or knows how protective they are of their ‘little’ sister’s. Jamie- Lea has not one or two big brothers but SIX plus ONE more, who’s an adopted big brother, so 7, yes SEVEN big brothers who all know what’s best for her, who are protective and controlling of her.

When Jamie-Lea, ‘Jelly’ to her brother and their friends, moves away to college it’s a new adventure, but if you think she’s going to be the rebellious one and do everything her brothers never let her do, you’d be slightly wrong. There is a few twists in this brothers- sister relationship that turn this story into a very interesting novel with a very large lesson to be taught.

Jamie on her first day on her own at college in Leeds, England, meets Jason hottie McHunky. He is athlete extraordinaire and, til he met Jamie-Lea, a playboy/PhD student. He’s demanding, yet sweet and protective. He’s thoughtful honest, charming and uses his kisses like a weapon when in a disagreement with Jamie-Lea. Everyone else it’s wit or fists since Jason used to fight in the MMA after all….so hot 😉

It’s a fantastic read, though brutal at times. I often got frustrated with Jamie over her thinking when it comes to her brothers, and sometimes even Jason, but you always come back to love her and admire her strength and stamina, in life and at sports. The way Jamie, with the help of Jason picks up and fights back after a horrible incident is admirable. The lesson lies in how Jamie was put in the position for the horrible incident to occur.

There is a book two that continues Jamie and Jason story that is out now.

My Ratings:

Cover: 4- It is beautiful and moving but you don’t understand the full extent of its meaning till you’ve read the story.

Plot/Characters: 4.5- The ideas and characters were spot on and the characters had exactly the feel about them to match the written personality given.

Pacing/writing: 3.5 Sometimes I had to read back to interpret the wording as intended as I kept forgetting that the setting is in England and only remembered when certain words like “fit” turned up to describe a woman’s appeal to a man. Also the writing tended to dwell on some aspects longer then needed which brought the pace down. In general the reading pace was average.

Swoon factor: 4

Steam factor: 4 at times there is a danger element to the sexual scenes which can heighten this other times its a passing mention which gives the impression of sex every night they are together which brings this factor down but overall 4 is good.


“So, let me get this straight,” Jason grinned at me, pulling my attention back to the scene in front of me and away from childhood memories. “Squirrel – which is adorable, I might add – is unacceptable, but Jelly – a jiggley, gelatinous desert – is totally fine?” His playful smile warmed my heart and I couldn’t help but grin back.

I shrugged up at him. “I have absolutely no say in whether or not I get called Jelly. It started when I was almost eight and there’s no way they’re gonna stop. Besides, I kinda like it now,” I said honestly. They’d started calling me Jelly that night and hadn’t stopped since then.

“But you don’t like squirrel?” He asked.

“Squirrels are rodents with sticky-out teeth,” I pointed out.

“They’re cute! What’s wrong with you, woman?” He joked, poking me in the ribs. I couldn’t help but laugh. He really did make me feel comfortable.


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About R.J. Sable

RJ was born in the UK and lived there until she was 21 and newly graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Phonetics. The relocation to Sweden was an easy choice having visited for the first time when she was 17 and fallen in love with the culture.

In her free time, RJ can be found with an impossibly large cup of tea and her nose in a book or fingers wrapped around a crochet hook and a tangled ball of yarn.

‘Right There with You’ was RJ’s first book and a real adventure to write. Jamie-Lea was the name of RJ’s imaginary friend as a child, mainly because Dairylea cream cheese was considered a major food group to mini-RJ. If they sold it in Sweden, her fridge would be full of it.