Book Review — Saving Amy by Nicola Haken

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Book Review — Saving Amy by Nicola Haken Title: Saving Amy
Author: Nicola Haken
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: January 17, 2014
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Eighteen year old Amy’s surname may be Hope, but her life contains anything but. She drinks, she sleeps around, she cuts… anything to help her escape the agonizing existence growing up between her mother’s drunken wails and her father’s fists. But nothing works. There is no escape. And Amy wants out…

Enter Richard Lewis – the doctor responsible for saving Amy’s life after her drink and drug-fuelled suicide attempt. Thanks to his own hidden demons, Richard is drawn to Amy and her situation, and despite the incessant warnings from both his own mind and his jealous ex-lover Joanna, he feels compelled to help her.

But how will Amy feel when she discovers Richard’s attachment to her is born out of his own guilt? He was her last resort – her last chance at being saved. Can anybody save Amy, or has she finally reached the end of a very long, torturous road?

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, scenes of self-harm and sexual content)

Meet Amy, oh Amy **sigh** How my heart breaks for you from the first pages of the book 🙁 Amy at 17 and has already suffered more than post people do their whole life. One night she gets so drunk and high the she passes out on the street. Amy wakes the next morning and meets Richard,the man who found and saved her the night before. She returns home and things only get worse for her. She ends up in the hospital where she again runs into Richard, who also happens to be her Doctor. He takes a special interest in her and tries to get her help. He even manages to get her to open up about what is going on behind closed doors in her life. Amy turns 18 and can’t help but be jealous of  her best friend. Julie is getting ready to leave for the University of Florida while she is left behind with nothing.

Amy finally reaches her breaking point and has had enough of the crappy life that has been handed to her. She pushes too far and winds up being brutally kicked out of her home. Somehow, be it by chance or divine intervention, Richard ends up in her path again saving her from the mess her life has turned into. From that moment on, Richard takes care of her but the inevitable happens and Amy begins to have feelings for him. Amy does not want to have feelings for him. She convinced herself that she is not worthy of him, kindness or any of his affections. Amy is a broken girl.

She meets Joanna,the shrink, in the hospital. She is a complete bitch and due to her own feelings for Richard, does everything in her power to cause problems between Richard and Amy. Richard’s family love Amy and his mother fills in some of the missing details of Joanne’s and Richard’s relationship. Richard being a man and doing what all men inevitably do, makes a douche move causing Amy to leave him. She is gone for 2 weeks and his world is falling apart without her. He finally realizes he may have messed up the best thing to ever to happen to him. Richard begins a mission to find her and bring her home where she belongs. When he finally finds do, Amy once again needs to be saved but can Richard save Amy this time? Gotta read and find out…hehe…I know I am mean. I am so sorry. I really enjoyed this story but I warn you that if you can’t handle intense, dark and twisty, this book may not be for you. You have to be able to handle the bad parts of life and know it’s not all rainbows and unicorns that lead to a happy ending.

About Nicola Haken

Nicola lives in Rochdale, England with her husband and four children (and dog!). She is the author of two stand alone novels, Inevitable and Saving Amy, and is currently having fun working on her first series with book one, Take My Hand, to be released in October. When not reading or writing Nicola can usually be found carrying out her daily slave duties – cleaning, feeding the mob, cleaning a bit more etc…or watching The Twilight Saga for the fifty-billionth time 🙂