New Release and Review – Sinner’s Revenge by Kim Jones

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New Release and Review – Sinner’s Revenge by Kim Jones Title: Sinner's Revenge
Author: Kim Jones
Series: Sinner's Creed #2
Publisher by: Berkley, Penguin
Published on: July 19, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 320
Format: eBook, Audiobook, Paperback
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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The sizzling second book featuring the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, bikers bent on riding chrome and meting out mayhem...

Shady has spent the last eight years of his life dedicated to the Sinner's Creed Motorcycle Club. But after losing the man who was both his brother and his best friend, he has a new purpose—to avenge the death of the greatest nomad in Sinner’s Creed history.

His plan is flawless. His mission is simple: seek and destroy. There is no room for distractions—especially a distraction like Diem.

She's infuriating. Demanding. Complicated. Impossible. And for some reason, Shady can’t stay away. But he only has space in his heart for one love: Sinner’s Creed. And the club always comes first. Always.

Sinner’s Revenge is my first Kim Jones book. Yes, I know this is the second book in the series, but from what I’ve heard about book one, Sinner’s Creed, I wasn’t in the mindset to deal with all the crazy intensity. Now, if someone had told me that I would truly love the weird duo that is Zeke and Diem, I would have laughed. Even by MC standards their relationship is not your typical love story. Their dynamic is contentious, odd, and it’s probably borderline insane, but there was something utterly endearing about the love/hate chemistry that they had going on.

“I was playing with fire. But getting burned never felt so good.”

Like the synopsis says, for 8 years Zeke aka Shady has dedicated his life to the Sinner’s MC, but losing his best friend crushed him. He was set on getting revenge for the brother that he lost. I felt Shady’s pain, there was no doubt about how he felt. His emotions and feelings came across easily. I loved his loyalty and passion to both his MC and his friends. He didn’t want or need any sort of distractions from him carefully crafted plan. Meeting Diem was definitely not the distraction he needed, yet she constantly placed herself in his path.

Now my initial first impression of Diem was that she was a sweet, albeit a tad naive young woman. I WAS WRONG!! Diem was a fireball in a tiny little package. She was bold, brazen, and she could easily dish it out as well as she could take it. The mouth on that women. She made laugh and cringe. She could truly be intimidating but I liked her.

I  can’t explain it but there was something about both of these characters that just intrigued me. Honestly I’m surprised the two of them didn’t smother one another. Their banter was always an intense back and forth. They easily pushed each other’s buttons because their personalities were so much alike. Yet, it was obvious that there was a true chemistry between them.

“There is no place in this world I rather be than in his arms, on his nerves, and at his house. He makes me feel like there is something magical inside me. He bring’s out my worst, then contradicts with my best.”

Sinner’s Revenge was one of the better MC books that I’ve read. (Have I mentioned I’m super picky about my MC books? No? Well I am.) There was plenty of action, lots of sexy times, sexual tension, and an actual believable motorcycle club. There was a moment in the book that took me by complete surprise. Hell I even messaged the author about it. I really enjoyed the story and the Kim’s writing. Now, was the ending a tad bit sporadic and fast paced for me? Yeah.. a little. Did it take away from my overall enjoyment of the book? Nope not really. Would I read the next book in the series? You bet your ass I would! Especially if the next book is on Rookie and Carrie. I’d be all for that.

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