Throwback Thursday #5 — Every Life Series by Tasha Ivey Review

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Throwback Thursday #5 — Every Life Series by Tasha Ivey Review Title: Every Breath
Author: Tasha Ivey
Series: Every Life Series #1
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: August 4, 2013
Genres: Romance
Format: eBook
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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**Contains mild language, adult situations, and sexual content. For mature audiences only.**

How does someone give their heart away when they don’t have all of the pieces?

Not that Makenna really wants a second chance at love anyway. She is stuck in her tragic past, secretly living every day for her deceased fiancé, while her new boyfriend, Drew, is gently nudging her into the present.

Desperate to appear normal again, she slaps on a happy face and goes through the motions of a normal, healthy relationship—but with the exception of even a single kiss. And she’s okay with pretending, but Drew needs more than she’s willing to give.

Surprisingly, it’s an innocent letter from a soldier halfway around the world that has her seeing life differently. Sawyer is at his breaking point, and his depression sucks him in deeper every day. Makenna becomes his only lifeline to home, and he’s hanging on by a very weak thread.

By helping him, Makenna learns to let go of grief before she’s left with only a ghost of the woman she once was, finally freeing her from guilt and showing her that it is possible to love again. But when she discovers that both of the men in her life are hiding something, she makes two shocking revelations.
One of them is insanely in love with her, and one of them destroyed her happy ever after.

Even though a fairytale ending does await her, is she willing to face her own demons to fight for it?

Every Breath was beautiful story about finding love after a loss. It was sweet, funny, and emotional.

Two years after losing her fiancé Shane in a tragic accident, second grade teacher, Makenna Madison,  is coasting through life by putting on a happy facade. In reality she is broken. She still harbors pain and guilt from the death of her fiancé. Her best friend Callie, encourages her to explore a relationship with Drew, the new coach and ex-nfl player. Drew is handsome, attentive, sweet, and truly patient with her. Even after months of dating the two haven’t so much as kissed.  Makenna wants to try to move on but her heart is not fully into it.

“I like being with Drew, but I’m not sure that he’ll ever fully have my heart. Simply because I don’t have the pieces.”

Every year Makenna’s class adopts a solider and this is when she begins to interact with Sawyer Harris, a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. When Sawyer first writes to the class and her, you could tell how sad and lonely he was. Sawyer is a truly sweet guy but he’s just as lonely and broken as Makenna. Through emails and video chats the two begin to develop a friendship. You can see easily see the connection between the two, all of the honesty and vulnerability that she can’t fully give Drew; Makenna is able to give to Sawyer.  As friendship with Sawyer develops, her relationship with Drew begins to get more serious but Drew isn’t exactly what he seems.

After Sawyer and Mak officially meet the story takes on an interesting new twist. There were definitely some angsty moments and heartbreaking ones; hearing Makenna speak of the accident truly made me cry but there were also some amazingly sweet and happy moments like when Mak and Sawyer meet face to face. Makenna was a great character and I think Tasha wrote her well. She was broken and hurt but she was also a strong willed, sweet person.  Sawyer, sigh, what can I say about Sawyer, he was sweet, sexy, caring and he can sing. He does have a secret but all in all his a great guy.

I loved this story and I loved the writing. Mak and Sawyer were loveable characters as well as William, Dalton, and even Shane. Tasha did such a great job creating this story.

My favorites quotes were:

  • “He doesn’t have to be completely gone from my heart in order to go forward with my life. He’ll always be part of me, and he’ll forever be my first love.”
  • “My treasure. My heart. My soul. My love. That’s what I said to you, and I mean every single word. And now I’m going to prove it.”
  • “I guess that’s what real love is all about. It’s unconditional, and it changes every single thing you ever thought you knew about yourself and life, in general.”
  • “Sometimes, it takes someone just as broken as you are to heal you. Sometimes, it takes someone else to show you that you won’t heal until every breath you take is for you, not anyone else. The scars may not ever fade, but the heart can be put back together piece by piece, if you have the right person for the job.”
  • “You gave me hope that I would find that feeling of being complete – the feeling I’ve been searching for my entire life. I didn’t realize it for a long time, but you are the final piece of that puzzle. You make me complete.”

Throwback Thursday #5 — Every Life Series by Tasha Ivey Review Title: Every Kiss
Author: Tasha Ivey
Series: Every Life Series #2
Publisher by: Independent
Published on: December 8, 2013
Genres: Romance
Format: eBook
Book Rating:
Series Rating:

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After witnessing Makenna’s journey to find herself again, Callie is reminded of her own struggles with love. No, Wes wasn’t always the easy going guy that he is today. He was moody and unpredictable in the worst of ways, and she was certain to call him out on it every chance she got. Looking back, she’s amazed at how much their lives have changed since they met.

Before tragedy shook them to the very core of their lives. Before her dream career began. And before Wes wasn’t a broody jerk with a closet full of personalities.

Yes, just four years ago, everything was different…

Makenna and Shane are just a couple of lovesick college students, and Callie is doing her best to keep up with the demands of her junior year. Life is boring, and she is totally fine with that. But boring flies right out the window the day Makenna cons Callie into helping with Shane’s brother’s birthday party. She expects a gangly pimple-faced teenager, but Wes is far from it. He is temperamental and opinionated, but he is also incredibly hot and thoroughly enjoys pushing her buttons. And she pushes his right back.

Even though their undeniable attraction draws them to one another, Wes is clear with Callie about one thing. Relationships are off limits. Friendship is all he has to offer, unless of course, Callie is willing to add a few benefits to that. He works hard to keep the reasons for his aversion hidden, but secrets have a way of making themselves known sometimes, no matter how deep you bury them.

Two of those secrets hold the key to unlocking Wes’ fears of the ultimate betrayal. And the other secret has Callie falling even deeper than she ever dreamed.

But she’s unsure of one thing . . . is she enough to save him from himself?


I have to write this while my emotions are still fresh and intact. When I finished reading Every Breath I wasn’t sure I could love anyone as much as I did Sawyer but Tasha proved me wrong me. I loved Wes in this book. Every Kiss picks up right where Every Breath ended and takes us right back to when Callie and Wes first meet.

Callie is the same funny, feisty, and opinionated person that she was in Every Breath. When Callie and Wes first meet at his birthday party, Callie is just getting out of relationship and Wes is dealing with some personals issues. Wes is handsome, moody, and smart. He’s an ass to Callie at first but as the night goes on they start to warm up to each other.

The two share a definite attraction for each other, you can sense it, but Wes makes it clear he doesn’t do relationships. He’s been burned before and doesn’t want to go through it again. The two maintain a causal friendship but with his brother Shane dating her best friend McKenna they are both forced to deal with more and more. Despite knowing how he feels, Callie can’t help falling for Wes, but what she doesn’t know is that Wes feels the same way about her.

I loved reading about how their relationship grew and developed. They both were so stubborn and opinionated. The banter between them was fun but intense at times. Callie always called Wes on his bs and Wes was always honest with her. They really developed a great friendship and Callie helps Wes through some truly difficult things from his past.

Tasha has such a smooth way of writing, that the story just kept me engaged and I didn’t want it to end. I loved these characters because they came across as authentic and believable. They were so much fun to read. I was rooting for Callie and Wes and I could feel the sexual tension between the two of them. There were some tense and emotional moments throughout the story and I could feel every emotion. I laughed, I teared up, and I had such a big smile on my face while reading. Definitely a wonderful read.


About Tasha Ivey

Tasha Ivey is a literature fanatic, whose love for the written word fostered her development into the writer she has become. A lover of an extremely erratic mixture of literature, she has been influenced by authors from Jane Austen and E.M. Forster to Charlaine Harris and Alyson Noel. But her biggest influence and literary hero? Nicholas Sparks. Aside from writing, since she doesn’t have anything other than a shriveled up prune on the left side of her brain, she prefers to spend her time being creative in other ways like painting, cake decorating, and various types of crafts. That is, if the constant voices streaming through her head allow her to stop making up stories for a while. Lucky for her, she has a huge supportive family, including her amazing husband and two kids, who doesn’t complain too much when she hangs out with her characters more than she does with them. Sophie, the dog, however . . . she does complain. A lot.