Book Review: That One Moment by Amy Daws

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Book Review: That One Moment by Amy Daws

Book Review: That One Moment by Amy Daws Title: That One Moment
Author: Amy Daws
Series: Lost In London Series #2
Publisher by: Stars Hollow Publishing
Published on: April 12, 2016
Genres: New Adult Romance
Page Count: 290

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That One Moment is a full length standalone romance, it's book 2 in the Lost in London Series and can be read as a standalone.

Life is a series of reoccurring ripples in time.
The moment I saw her…something shifted.
The moment my lips touched hers…life got messy.
The moment my heart got involved…everything changed.

Vi Harris tests every bit of my strength.
She is my test.
My challenge.
At a time when I should be focusing entirely on myself, this radiant woman with a bright, cheeky smile and a cracked sense of humor waltzes in and spins everything on its axis.

Vi has the potential to make me weak at a time when I’m determined to show everyone just how bloody strong I am.
She’s everything I am not…yet somehow, she sees through my darkness.
My pain.
My despair.
She doesn’t see me as broken.
She sees me as the man I’m fighting so hard to be.
The man that I’m still struggling to see myself.

The follow up book to Not The One: Hayden's Story

Hayden Clarke has been through some tough things in the last year. If you read Not The One then you understand how his story begins and it is not pretty. But thankfully this story has a happy ending that I loved more than words could express.

Hayden is year out of rehab after his suicide attempt. He is living with Theo (his brother), Leslie and their new baby girl, Marisa. His connection with Leslie and baby Marisa is so very sweet and heartwarming.

Vilma “Vi” Harris is a co-worker of Leslie’s and has become a good friend. After a chance meeting, at Reyna and Liam’s pub opening, Hayden and Vi’s connection is undeniable.

Vi comes from a family of overbearing but well-meaning football players (soccer for you Yankees like me). The only girl with four brothers and dad that are big shots in sports cannot be easy. When you meet her she has finally gotten some independence. Living on her own and away from the suffocating nature of her family she wants to really enjoy the freedom that she now has.

Unfortunately fate keeps throwing Vi and Hayden together. But things are not as easy as, “Hey I like you…wanna go out?”.

Hayden is dealing with some serious issues. Depression, a suicide attempt, the death of his sister plus losing the girl he thought he loved. All make for a man struggling to find balance in his new normal. Vi has her own demons to wrestle with. She feels that the cards do not hold love for her. That she is someway “broken and unlovable”.

When Hayden’s therapist gives him a challenge, to tell one person your story of the 5 days leading up to his suicide attempt, he chooses Vi. Now the question is, once the floodgates are opened can Hayden and Vi survive the storm?


God, how I loved this story. Hayden and Vi’s story went above and beyond what I ever could have envisioned for them. Their story was beautifully heartbreaking while being funny and sweet. I was rooting for them from the beginning even though I knew their love story would not be an easy one.

These were two people that could not see how wonderful they were through their own eyes. All they saw were their mistakes…their faults but through the eyes of the the other they were able to see what they had to offer the world. That made my heart burst and broke for them simultaneously. There are so many small and large facets of this book that make it a beautiful, well-written, heartbreaking story of survival and self discovery. A definite MUST READ for romance lovers.

Hayden was sexy and melted my heart while Vi made me want to be friends plus throw in awesome british accents…I was sold. I am beyond excited that Vi’s football playboy brothers will be getting a series. They are one awesome set a guys and definitely need a HEA.

Next book is Julie and for right now…I am on the fence about her. She is one angry little thing. She was on a mission in this book and she was not easy to like even if you knew she was hurting but I have trust in all things Amy Daws that she will make me love her as she has all the rest.



“You’re so confusing, Hayden,” I reply, my voice embarrassingly breathy as he stands only a foot away from me now. His eyes are glossy with obvious lust. Pure, undiluted lust. “You kiss me and run away, then kiss me and tell me I can do better. I don’t know what you’re even saying.”

He licks his lips thoughtfully. “I’m saying that tonight when you showed up looking the way you did…” he pauses as his eyes drift down my body. His heated expression makes me feel every drop of hot blood coursing through my veins. “I wanted to have you right then and there. But not in a club full of people. I wanted you in the privacy of your bedroom…where the curves of your hips, the rise of your chest, the moisture on your lips…are for me and me alone.”

I exhale at his guttural tone and am embarrassed when a throaty noise comes out of my mouth. He takes this noise as permission and moves in closer, his posture hunched as he looks down at me. “So, I’m sorry for some things, Vi. But I’m not sorry for interfering. To ask me to just walk away when a prat like Ethan Simmons worms himself within inches of your mouth…your fucking mouth that I’ve touched with my lips…lips that I have claimed as mine in a thousand different fantasies…No, Vi. No. I’m not going to be sorry for that.”

“But you said—”

“Stuff what I said. I can’t stay away from you.” The words rush out of his mouth as he harshly grabs me by the waist. His bruising, firm grip shoves up the stretchy fabric of my top as his lips find mine in a desperate, needy kiss. He greedily yanks the cups of my bra down and caresses my nipples in such a way that I rip my mouth away from his and let out a strangled cry. I’m not all together certain I’ve ever heard that sound come from my mouth before.

He releases my nipples to pull my top off over my head, revealing my lacey red bra tucked firmly beneath my breasts, pushing them up for his lustful perusal. He drops an open mouthed kiss on each of them before standing back up straight. Groaning in frustration, he pauses his assault and looks into my eyes. A warmth blossoms in his gaze as he wraps his arms around me, holding me close. “I’m terrified, Vi…of so much. But I don’t have the strength to walk away from you again. You make me weak.”

I exhale with relief and anxiety over his comment, feeling my emotions at odds. I’ve been wanting Hayden Clarke to let me in since he first kissed me outside my building. But what does it mean when he says he feels weak around me? Am I capable of hurting him? I lick my lips and guide him down to my level. “Maybe with time I can make you strong.”